Itqan is a financial and marketing consultant for Archplan Development to launch its first project in the Administrative Capital

Itqan is a financial and marketing consultant for Archplan Development to launch its first project in the Administrative Capital

  • Ahmed Abdel Aziz: Cooperation with Archplan is a strong addition to our resume in the Administrative Capital
  • Mahmoud El-Qadi: We are ready to compete strongly in the administrative capital market

To continue the series of successes in the New Administrative Capital, “Itqan” for financial and marketing consultancy announced a new partnership with Archplan Developments, as a financial and marketing consultant, to launch the first “IL Cuore Verde” project in the region. The new administrative capital, which covers an area of ​​3030 square meters completely, is in the most prestigious areas of the administrative capital and overlooks the Central Bank Square, the central park in the business district.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz, general manager and financial advisor at Etqan Financial and Marketing Consulting, said that Etqan is keen to provide everything new to contribute to the development of the Egyptian real estate market, especially in the new administrative capital, and we have contracted with “Archplan” company, which has a registered experience and a long history in urban development in Egypt, where we consider it an important step and an addition to the CV of “Itqan” in the management capital market.

Abdel Aziz added that a complete marketing strategy, financial study, market study, pricing and appropriate payment systems for sales of project units have been developed for a strong start for the duo between Itqan and Arcplan to launch their first project in the Administrative Capital.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz appreciates the Archplan team, which includes a group of architects and engineers with more than 40 years of experience in engineering and architectural consultancy, in addition to their main participation in the design and planning of the Administrative Capital.

For his part, Mahmoud El-Qadi, Head of Etqan Marketing Sector, said:

He stated that the Administrative Capital is an arena of great competition between companies, and we are working to keep pace with that competition with full force and strive to provide an unconventional real estate product that meets the desires and needs of the market and achieves the highest investment returns.

El-Kady added that “Itqan” has provided consultancy services to nearly 50 companies in more than 10 countries around the world, most of them are in the real estate industry, and we focus our attention on studying and analyzing the real estate and administrative market. capital market and downtown.

He noted that the company also provides comprehensive marketing research, competitor analysis, project strategic vision development, “branding plan”, management structure supervision, sales and marketing team training, and follow-up of marketing activities. and implementation of the marketing plan.

It also provides financial advice, including developing and reviewing the financial study in all its stages, supervising the development of financial plans, preparing budgets and managing cash flows, building and developing the company’s internal financial management team, providing technical support, following up on payment and pricing systems and updating them periodically, and building A reporting system to monitor the company’s financial performance.

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Etqan is one of the largest financial and marketing consulting firms in Egypt, and has achieved many successes in the management capital market, Archplan Real Estate is a sister company of Archplan Consulting, one of the largest consulting firms with more than 40 years of urban planning experience, And a member of the Urban Development Union “UDC + 5”, which was responsible for preparing the general strategic plan for the new administrative capital.

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