Learn about the IRMA admission criteria for the 2022-24 session;  Placement opportunity, details

Learn about the IRMA admission criteria for the 2022-24 session; Placement opportunity, details

Careers360 MBA Tour 2022: Find out about the IRMA admission criteria for session 2022-24;  Placement opportunity, details

Learn about the admission criteria and selection process at IRMA

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New Delhi:

Careers360 held its 2022 MBA Tour to help graduate management students choose the best B-School. As part of the Careers360 MBA Tour, managers, admissions advisors, industry experts and alumni of the best B schools in India answered all the queries and questions students had regarding admission to the appropriate B schools. In one such session held on January 9, IRMA Professor Priti Priya, Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) addressed student inquiries about admission processes, selection criteria, cut offs, placements and other details related to the institute.

Speaking about the admission criteria for Anand Institute of Rural Management, Prof. Priti said: “IRMA as an institute is more focused on its operations. So here we are usually looking for the right combination of aptitude and behavior in the candidate. The aptitude is captured by the performance of the candidates in an examination Admission CAT/XAT Whereas in terms of behavior we are looking for people who are curious, i.e. have an intellectual curiosity in and about anything People who want to learn and explore new things and are passionate about MBA Students who do not view MBA only as a medium Others to earn a living but consider it a life choice are ideal candidates for IRMA.”

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“The Anand Rural Management Institute always tries to capture diversity while selecting candidates for the IRMA PGDM Rural Management courses. Candidates who have completed the tenth and twelfth course from aspiring districts, and reached the stage where he writes for IRMA gets additional points. IRMA also focuses on candidates from the Northeast Diversity bonus points are also awarded to candidates based on their gender,” said the professor.

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Regarding preparation for the entrance exam, the professor said, “IRMA basically shortlists eligible and qualified candidates based on CAT/XAT test scores. The cut-off percentage for IRMA PGDM admissions is not issued in advance, and is notified as soon as applications are closed. The Institute of Rural Management Anand submitted Written Aptitude Test (WAT) where candidates shortlisted for CAT/XAT are required to express their thoughts on a particular topic”.

Talking about the cap on shortlisting students at IRMA, Dr. Priya said, “No, there is no fixed minimum CAT percentile cutoff for IRMA shortlisted students. But if we look at the previous record, candidates who fall into a general category with a Percentage of CATs of 80 or more have been shortlisted for round GD and PI. IRMA does not take into account sectional cut-off. Reserved category candidates are provided Relax in class as per Government of India guidelines.”

IRMA gives preference to students from non-engineering backgrounds such as agriculture, dairy, pure sciences, humanities, etc. “It is not at all difficult for students with a technical background to approach the IRMA curriculum. Many of our graduates were from a humanities background and have done well. The institute provides the initial foundation that students need and helps them capture data and become data enthusiasts over time,” said the professor .

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Regarding the employment opportunity, the professor said, “There is diversity in the type of roles companies offer to candidates from IRMA. If we talk about FMCG, the profiles that are offered to students are Brand Manager and Sales Manager. In the agribusiness sector job profiles are linked to sourcing and strategic planning. In the BFSI sector job profiles for which companies are hiring are Product Developer, Risk Manager, Relationship Manager, etc.” Equal opportunities are also provided to new students for positions at IRMA as experienced candidates. If not, the professor added, “we would not have Rs 15,000 as an average salary package.”

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Discussing the internship opportunity at IRMA, Dr. Priya said, “There is a great deal of overlap between our internship officers and the end staff i.e. they are more or less similar. If a company is hiring for a marketing internship, the student is expected to get the role of Marketing Analytics. If they are getting an internship at a consulting firm, they may be running direct projects among other responsibilities. Now at IRMA, we are focusing more on data analytics, machine learning, big data, etc. to make the student industry ready.”

The professor also spoke about the different courses that are offered at IRMA. “IRMA makes no speculation in the management programs it has. The institute’s rural management program is a general management program, where students are trained in all functional areas. So in the first three semesters, IRMA core courses are taught to students and from the fourth semester when the subjects begin Electives, they can choose the subjects that interest them. And then the students usually make their decisions about what kind of role they want to take on.”

Regarding the Rural Management Pioneer Program, Dr. Priya said, “At IRMA, the Rural Management Lead Program (RMF) is open to new students as well as people with work experience. Whereas the Executive Rural Management Program (RMX) is only for working professionals with hands-on experience. Not less than 5 years in a managerial position.”

“People with 10 years of work experience in the banking sector can enroll in the RMF program at IRMA. It will bring diversity to the institute and also enrich class group discussions. Hence work experience is an added advantage for students wishing to gain admission in and not a deterrent,” Irma added. in any way.”

Speaking about the importance of the IRMA Alumni Network, the professor said: “The institute has a registered alumni body which is the IRMA Alumni Association, with which the institute manages a variety of things in collaboration. The discipline is from actual practice in the real world, helping to keep the industry connected be it In the corporate world, the CSR world, government agencies, etc. where IRMA alumni work. Many of our graduates work in very senior positions, which also helps strengthen the IRMA alumni network.”

The professor also instructed the candidates on how to choose the right B school. “While selecting B-School candidates, they should look at not only employment numbers but other things as well like faculty profile, type of peer diversity, diversity of jobs offered by the institute, return on investment, etc,” said the professor.

For details on the admission criteria and selection process at IRMA, please visit the official website- irma.ac.in.

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