Local students in the region earn academic honors at Bethany College

Local students in the region earn academic honors at Bethany College

LINDSBORG – Approximately 257 Bethany College students received class honors for their academic performance during the Fall 2021 semester and were shortlisted for honors.

To qualify for academic honors, students must be enrolled full-time and have a semester grade point average of 3.5 and above. 95 students had a GPA of 4.0.

Local and area students named to the Bethany Honor Roll include the following.


Kelan M. Eta, Doing Science


Grace E. Mosher, General Studies


Alexa J Hutchins-Talbott, Psychology
Shelby B. Talbot, Management


Whitney D. Nightingale, Health Phys Ed PreK-12


Elyse M Boden, Music Teach / Voc / PreK-12


Molly A Chetty, Management
Leah R Eddings, Finance


Hannah M Oswald, Elementary Education K-6


Callie T. Arnold, English


Zachary J Able, Management
Jacob E. Adams, biology
Dylan A Archuleta, Video Game Design
Holly M. Bloomberg, Psychology
Dylan R. Carrier, Accounting
Brandi L. Cruz, Psychology
Duration of Avery R, ​​Management
Gracelyn L Gaskill, Chemistry
Noah C. Lucky, Business Administration
Elise O Nelson, Music Teach / Voc / PreK-12
Chase L. Buell, Sports Management
Madison J-Rip, Music/Performance
Abigail K Rishel-Barnett, Music Teach/Voc/PreK-12
Tracing S. Scott, Biology
Map of W Sjogren, General Studies
Holly Way Stanley, Doing Science
Keith L. Traylor, Bsness Educ Teachng 6-12
Caine A Wing, Sports Management


Christine El Angiano, 3D animation
Kaden Arum, General Studies
Logan M Dawes, Psychology
Halle R. Giddings, Art Teach PreK-12
Tatiana R. Pugh, Elementary Education K-6
Zefra e Rice, Art Studio
Jenna R Shanks, Elementary Education K-6
Tabitha L. Bada, Psychologist
Ashlon D. Stanford, Elementary Education K-6


Mason Dick, Criminal Justice
Elena K Parent, Elementary Education K-6


Kelly N. Aldridge, Accounting
Jeb S Allen, History – Political Science
Caitlin B. Brant, English
Katie M Buchanan, Art Teach PreK-12
Miranda Burke, Psychologist
Logan M. Burr, music/performance
Sophie M. Craft, Teaching English 6-12
Chelsea L. Crawford, Teaching the Social Sciences
Amaya M. Dungan, Music/Performance
Destiny L. Everhart, Graphic Design Concentration
Luis C. Fierro Cortes, biologist
Maria Flores Garcia, biologist
Samuel E Foster, Mathematics
Kelsey M. Jack, General Studies
Lindsey M. Jack, Psychologist
Patrick C. Gersh, Criminal Justice
Jessica L. Greer, Criminal Justice
Indigo A Guise, Video Game Design
Tyler R Hammond, History and Political Science
Alyssa D Hedges, Elementary Education K-6
Big M Joyce, Elementary Education K-6
Keith Clasen, Business Administration
Alison M Corp, Marketing
Luke J Krajicek, Doing Science
Kyle J. Kronmiller, Business/Economics
Trenton Marshall, General Studies
Elena Martinez Galvan, Mathematics Teaching
Caitlin M Newell, biologist
Julie Becquerel, biologist
Madison P Price, 3D Comp Animation
Marisa B. Roberts, Elementary Education K-6
Alyssa B Russell, Management
Maren J Smith, Art Studio
Daniel R Strella, Elementary Education K-6
MaKayla R Thull, Criminal Justice
Brett W Versluis, Criminal Justice
Antonia M. Wagner, Pre-Professional Art Thera
River J. Waverling, Teaching Social Sciences
Patrick A. Zrubeck, General Studies

Sylvan Grove

Elizabeth M McCoy, Graphic Design Concentration
Lexi B Neal, Doing Science

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