MEET ANIMVERSE – A Vietnamese MMORPG Project That Will Restore Players’ Childhood

MEET ANIMVERSE – A Vietnamese MMORPG Project That Will Restore Players’ Childhood

Featuring various 21st-century-inspired styles and silhouettes, this collection is guaranteed to serve up all the better than nostalgia. Including tees, jacket, dress, accessories and even onesie! Fans of the iconic site can expect to find pieces that celebrate all the best aspects of the game including fairies, paintbrushes, and fun quotes.

The set will also feature a Cakeworthy classic – Vanilla. As creators of the Vanilla Character, Cakeworthy fans patiently await each launch in hopes of adding another Vanilla Quote to their collection. This staple is a guaranteed go-to for all your fellow Neofriends as it features the quote, ‘Your Neopets’ dying’, while boasting a bold color palette and embroidered details inspired by the beloved site.

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“There are many of us who spent a good portion of our childhood and even our teenage years immersed in the world of the Neopets,” Says Brandon Shaden , CEO of Cakeworthy. “The Cakeworthy team spent hours threading about shared Neopets memories and the research done for this group can hardly be considered ‘work.’ We hope this group captures your best memories from the Neopets and encourages you to log in, as we did, and check out your pets (because they are on Most likely dying!)”.

“We are very excited to have Cakeworthy being licensed to Neopets,” he says. Carlene West , CEO of Carlin West Agency. “Their passion for street fashion, attention to detail and style is sure to excite Neopets fans.”

“It has been very rewarding to see the Neopets emerge in a new way through our collaboration with Cakeworthy,” Says Stephanie Lord , Brand Manager for JumpStart Games. “It is our ongoing goal to engage with Neopets players outside of the world of Neopia, and we are very excited to bring this collaboration to fruition by offering our loyal fans a fashionable way to proudly show off their fan base.”

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about cake
Founded in 2014, Cakeworthy is a fashion label that designs unisex streetwear clothing and accessories for anyone with a taste for sprinkling some fun into their wardrobe.

Paired with the world’s best brands and franchises, Cakeworthy offers limited-run premium collections inspired by bright colors, bold prints and graphics, and symbolizing ’80s and ’90s pop culture through the clothes we always wanted as a kid.

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