Powerhouse event to address how the country’s marketing experts are ‘reimagining’ the future of GMA News Online

Powerhouse event to address how the country’s marketing experts are ‘reimagining’ the future of GMA News Online

As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic, the advertising and communications industry is taking a step forward by reimagining ways of how to keep their businesses relevant, forward and into the future.

“The old theories of marketing are dead,” said Donald Patrick Lim, DITO’s chief operating officer. “It’s time to lay the new foundation and transform the laws of marketing for the ever-changing business landscape that confronts us all in the new decade.”

Lim is one of the guest speakers at the much-anticipated 51st National Marketing Conference, scheduled for January 18-20, 2022.

Presented by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), this annual event brings together the best marketing experts, emerging practitioners, entrepreneurs and startups in the country.

The future of marketing is now

This year’s conference, dubbed “Reimagining the Future of Marketing,” brings marketing communications down the path where creativity, imagination, innovation, technology, and data science and structure converge.

“We have already entered the future of marketing,” said Lucien de Teucco, President of the PMA and Executive Vice President of PhilStar Media. “We chose the topic because we are on an ongoing journey about how to shape new marketing dynamics and validate the business of the future.”

During the pandemic, the advertising and communications industry has relied on innovation, digital technology, creative marketing, and better use of logistics and data analytics to stay current.

“There is a great deal of uncertainty as to where the epidemic will lead us,” De Teoco added. “But one thing is for sure, we can’t go back to what we used to be.”

Thus, more than just sharing the latest marketing tools and the latest technology and creating a seamless customer journey, Dy Tioco said the much-anticipated marketing conference aims to find “a better solution, a blueprint for what we should consider important to humanity, and ways to secure a sustainable future for all”.

Where Bright Minds Meet (Marketing)

When dissected, the forum title (“re-imagining”) consists of three words: picture (capture or present material or idea); Imagine (the concrete component, that powerful piece that goes from thinking to creating); and engineer (to create a system or structure of elements that synchronize together in motion, “that allow us to recreate the future in our minds”).

“At the PMA, we don’t just think about the future. We imagine it.” Pinky Yee, NMC’s General President, said at the recent NMC’s 51st virtual launch event held via Zoom.

The 51st National Marketing Conference has all the usual attractions of a physical event translated into a virtual platform.

There is a virtual trade fair, which is expected to upend the usual delegate experience. The plenary sessions are designed to add ambiance and noise to the conference.

Created for world-class marketing practices targeting business, industry and academia, the National Marketing Conference is one of PMA’s flagship projects where brilliant (marketing) minds meet.

In its 51st year, around 1,500 decision-makers and influencers in the field of marketing and business are expected to attend the three-day conference with Kim Bojong, President of the Asian Marketing Federation (AMF) to deliver a welcoming speech.

Kim Boojong said in a pre-recorded message. “This conference will not only inspire you, but also prepare you for success.”

Day 1: “Responding to the environmental forces that shape us”

The three-day conference kicks off January 18 with the theme “Responding to the Environmental Forces That Shape Us” with consecutive headlines from Procter & Gamble Global Baby, Feminine and Family Care, the first Asian CEO. Fatima (Fama) de Vera Francisco who will speak on “The Power of Marketing: Inspiring and Empowering People” and Kumu Founder Roland Ross who will discuss “Paraform Shifts in Business: Exploring and Exploiting the New Normal.”

Roger Wang, Head of the Marketing Institute of Singapore, will brief you on ‘Asian Marketing Trends for 2022’.

An open forum on “Appropriate and Responsive Marketing During and After the Pandemic” will be held immediately after the Q&A segment. Among the panelists are Consul Nina Mangio, owner of Samgyeop Masarap, and COO of Century Pacific Food Inc. and EVP Gregory Banzon, founder of the Fredley Group of Companies and CEO Avin Ong.

Stephen Tan, president of SM Supermalls, will touch on “the inspiring resilience and drive toward retail recovery amid the pandemic.”

The afternoon session (Track 2) is on “Improving Collaboration in a Fragmented World.” The keynote will be given by Ronald Holmes, Professor in De La Salle University’s Department of Political Science and Development Studies, who will discuss “convergence and synergies as key to marketing survival in harsh realities.”

Fifteen minutes will be devoted to the question-and-answer segment prior to the discussion session on ‘Changing Asian Consumers’. The speakers are Asian Marketing Association members Anovat Chalermchai from Thailand, Datuk Marimuthu Nadason from Malaysia, and Hyung Jung from South Korea.

Luz Subliko of DLSU, Benji Encarnación of the PMA Council of Marketing Educators and Reynaldo Bautista, Jr. will discuss. From DLSU “Brand Roadmaps for the New World.”

Gustavo Gonzalez, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator at the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office, will highlight the “Circular Economy Towards Sustainability and Growth”.

Messenger partner Jacqueline Alexis Thing will present an article titled “Is Advertising Dead? Are Living Brands the Next Leap?” with reactors Jim Guzman of Unilab, and Jorge Wieneke of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. , and Marvin Tiu Lim of Mega Global Corporation.

Day 2: “Integrative Marketing Transformation”

Margot Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines, will give a keynote address on “Building Brands to Thrive in the New World”.

This will be followed by talks on “Service and Interact with Today’s Connected Consumers” by Vince Yamat of 917Ventures, and “Going Beyond Digital Transformation” by Dingdong Caharian of GMA New Media, Inc. , and “Telemarketers and Hybrid Marketers of the Future” by Patrick Gentry of Sprout Solutions and Boris Joaquin of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy.

Learn about “The Role of FinTech in the Future of Marketing” from a panel discussion with RCBC Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Lito Villanueva, Paymongo Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Luis Seia, and Multisys Founder David Almerol.

Day 3: “Purpose-Based Marketing”

‘Purpose-Based Marketing’ will be the topic of Day 3 with a keynote speech from AMC Co-Founder Hermawan Kartajaya who will address the topic of ‘Homo Machina: Humanity in the Marketing Machine’.

For the afternoon session, Patrick Zolota from Apper.ph and Jay Beltran from the Digital Sales and Marketing (SMAC) team will share tips on how to “amplify the return on investment for your content marketing.” Airspeed Group Chairman and CEO Rosemary Raphael will discuss “Better Marketing Strategy: A Value-Based Evidence for Exceptional Performance” while GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon will talk about “The Power of Purpose-Based Marketing to Drive Change and Business Success.”

The closing keynote address on the conference theme will be given by Donald Lim who will share how the country’s marketing experts can “reimagine” the future.

NMC President General Pinky Yee emphasized, “NMC aims to provide marketers with the right tools and battle gear to create strategic blueprints, leveraging their skills to become digitally ready and agile.”

Check out www.philippinemarketing.org/reimagineering/ to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime event!


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