PTC used to energize sales and marketing teams

PTC used to energize sales and marketing teams

by Analytics Insight
January 14, 2022


Help PTC improve customer engagement and increase productivity by addressing their challenges

Challenges focuses on accelerating enterprise growth, revenue, and innovation with 49 artificial intelligence patents. It believes that each customer’s problems consist of ambitious, data-driven solutions through comprehensive ownership. PTC is another leading technology company in the world that helps clients solve key business challenges to achieve their goals through digital solutions to boost efficiency, increase revenue and reduce operational costs. But this company is starting to face some major challenges in the current market scenario. PTC realized that it could not scale its sales and marketing resources in direct proportion to revenue, despite having a market cap of more than $10 billion. PTC turned to to build a robust contact database and pipeline inspection process while building a deeper understanding of buyer personas. has expertise in these processes by implementing artificial intelligence and big data. The PTC did not have any unlimited resources to spend on adopting the SaaS model in the AR or IoT space. There was a root cause behind these stalled and closed deals for so long. It was difficult to pinpoint the hidden and fundamental problem of PTC.

Initiatives has opened new contacts for PTC, despite having data from more than 60,000 employees. This is because there is no option for marketing and sales teams to systematically access real-time data to generate leads and boost deals. has recognized these issues and has taken some major initiatives to address these issues. The company used its patented SmartMatch technology to gather businesses into an email system, automatically upload them to the CRM platform, and associate them with appropriate profiles and contacts. This process resulted in collecting over 40,000 new contacts with 35,000 added in the next year. took advantage of disruptive technologies to load 266,000 activities into their CRM in a short period of time instead of 4,700 hours. The company is known for providing leading indicators to validate pipelines and compare current deals from historical records. allows sales to enhance training and pipeline management by providing needed suggestions.

consequences has increased the number of deal-related contacts and leads by 800% while providing visibility to sales and marketing teams. Enough data from has transformed the discontinued character into a much better one and buy groups with updated information. Ideas generated tangible and credible value while channeling deals through certain personalities. Referral models have also become more manageable from times gone by and have helped improve customer engagement and increase productivity by addressing challenges. PTC has generated $13.5 million by leveraging operations.

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