RAKUTEN achieves success with a first-ever chance to target shoppers with personalized cashback offers

RAKUTEN achieves success with a first-ever chance to target shoppers with personalized cashback offers

Custom Rewards uses real-time business intelligence to help marketers develop affiliate strategies and get cash back

San Mateo, California, December 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Rakuten has reached a milestone in its quest to make affiliate marketing and Cash Back marketing more flexible, strategic and effective channels for increasing revenue from new and existing customers. Rakuten’s rewards capability allows brands – for the first time ever – to split cashback offers on a 1:1 basis with automated audience targeting and its results. Initial campaigns show a 128 percent increase in new shoppers and a 125 percent increase in sales.

(PRNewsfoto / Rakuten Advertising)

(PRNewsfoto / Rakuten Advertising)

Custom Rewards combines affiliate marketing leadership and the automated technology of Rakuten Advertising with the unparalleled reach and impact of Rakuten Rewards. Instead of relying on cookies, Rewards allows brands to use proprietary data from Rakuten Rewards’ anonymous customer relationship databases and first-party data to identify consumers in real time. When a customer is selected and their attributes, custom rewards automatically offer an enhanced cashback offer to incentivize first-time purchase, repurchase or to focus their attention on higher margin products.

He said, “Affiliate marketing and cashback strategies will help brands of all sizes and industries thrive while meeting increasingly high standards of brand engagement and personalization.” Amit PatelCEO of Rakuten Americas. “Customized rewards are just the first of many innovations we will roll out over the next year that will raise the bar for affiliate marketing and cashback as essential components of every evolving digital marketing mix.”

Custom rewards give marketers more control over their consumer reward strategies by enabling them to deeply improve results, improve campaign performance, and better understand the effectiveness of their spending. By allowing more control over audience segmentation than the traditional dynamic commissioning of affiliate marketing, marketers can target individual consumers with unique products and offers based on customer status, product preferences, and categories.

“Cashback and traditional approaches that deliver a unified show across a range of audiences are tried and true tactics,” Patel continued. “Now, by bringing together two of Rakuten Americas’ most powerful platforms, we can help brands interact with consumers at a 1:1 level and build a lifelong relationship that will increase marketing performance and increase sales.”

Many customers are already taking advantage of this new offer – including leading luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue and innovative shoe company FitFlop. FitFlop has turned to Personalized Rewards to attract new customers to its full range of comfortable and fashionable footwear. Rakuten has introduced targeted offers – with different levels of cashback rewards – to identify customers to incentivize purchase and conversion. The campaign has been very successful in helping FitFlop achieve its strategic goals on a monthly basis. The company saw a 149% increase in new buyers, 83% of whom were new to FitFlop. This improvement in new buyers of FitFlop helped drive an overall increase in shopping trips by 195%.

One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Rakuten has built a suite of advertising assets to enable marketers to leverage broad consumer intent and data purchases to influence consumer behavior. By harnessing the best of these assets, Rakuten plans to expand its influence in the advertising ecosystem and continue to offer innovative products that present new opportunities for marketers to engage and convert consumers. To learn more about Rakuten and custom rewards, please visit https://rakutenadvertising.com/content/rewards/.

About Rakuten Americas
Rakuten Americas is the North American division of Rakuten, Inc. , (Japan), a global leader in Internet services that empower individuals, communities, businesses, and society. Headquartered in San Mateo, California and with more than 2,400 employees nationwide, Rakuten Americas includes market leaders in e-commerce, digital marketing, advertising, business intelligence, logistics, communications and entertainment. We create products and services that provide exceptional value by matching members and companies that want to engage them in a common community. Visit http://rakuten.us for more information.

About Rakuten Rewards
Rakuten is a leading shopping rewards program that offers cashback, deals, and rewards from all your favorite brands. By partnering with thousands of brands in apparel, health and beauty, dining, grocery, travel, on-demand services, subscription boxes, and more, Rakuten helps members get more from the things they buy. Since its founding in 1999, Rakuten has become the largest and most rewarding shopping experience, and its members have generated $3.5 billion in cashback just for shopping through Rakuten. For more information, visit Rakuten.com.

About Rakuten Advertising Company
Rakuten Advertising connects leading agencies, brands and publishers with active and engaged consumers around the world. By accessing Rakuten’s diverse media properties and audiences, combined with an award-winning performance network and consumer research, Rakuten Advertising creates the right conditions to reach new customers and maintain long-term loyalty. Its foundation of advanced technology, data, and strategic services puts Rakuten Advertising in providing a differentiated suite of marketing and advertising solutions while continually driving the industry forward. It is a division of Rakuten Inc. (4755: TOKYO), one of the world’s leading Internet service providers. The head office of the company is located in San Mateo, CaliforniaWith offices across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean North America. Learn more at www.rakutenadvertising.com.

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