Team messaging app for easy workspace communication

Team messaging app for easy workspace communication

Group calling is a challenging task, especially for remote and mixed teams. You may have tried many applications for effective communication with the client, team or collaborators. However, most of the apps terrify users with their constant monitoring, notifications and endless meetings.

Twist brings a truly different team communication style to the table. Team members are not allowed to get bored of real-time interactions. Learn how to communicate effectively with your team on Twist.

What is a twist?

Twist is a free to work messaging tool with a threaded view of team conversations in custom channels. It does not burden your work day with real-time communications but keeps you updated on all aspects of tasks and projects.

This team collaboration tool creates opportunities for more focused work. Twist lets you pick out the most accessible fruit to improve productivity: focused work. If your team increases the amount of focused work per day, the productivity of the project will also rise.

Its communication modules such as Threads, Channels, Mailbox and Messages create the perfect atmosphere for productive work while keeping everyone in the loop without the stress of real-time engagement.

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1. Twist teams and groups

Picture of the Twist Team menu

The Twist team includes all the members of a given project. Project members organize to keep everyone connected. You can create different groups within the team.

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Therefore, a team member can be part of different groups within the project team. For example, developers, content creators, social media, and webmasters can be individual teams.

However, one or more members of these teams can be in different groups like UI/UX design, blogging, digital marketing, backend troubleshooting, etc.

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Groups within a team organize your team members at the micro level. Twist allows you to create groups in a variety of ways, among them:

Visible for Twist Groups list
  1. Groups by sales, support or development team.
  2. Groups by region such as APAC, EMEA, AMER, etc.
  3. Groups by blog, event, new launch or design project.
  4. Groups by topics such as smart devices, Windows, macOS, and more.

2. Team Channels

Image showing the Twist Channels menu

In a project team, there can be hundreds of discussions on a variety of topics, bottlenecks, schedules and errors. Twist enables you to organize all these discussions into channels.

Channels consist of broad topics. You need to add the customer, collaborator, or team members to the relevant channels. You can add a channel name and description so that guests or members can easily identify the channel range.

Channels allow your team members to fetch vital information about the business without wasting time searching. You can access all public channels after joining the Twist team.

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You can browse through the list of channels and join the channels you need to work. Twist admins can also create private channels. Private channels will not be visible to everyone. You can only join a private channel if you receive an invitation from the administrator.

3. Threads and letters

Visualize a topic Twist conversation

Threads or threaded discussions are the new way of focused communication. You can create different threads for a variety of conversations.

Customer, team members or guest collaborators can add text, files, and images in any threaded conversation. Users can also forward certain emails from their email inbox to the Twist thread.

You can easily locate any information or file from a thread as the threads are organized systematically within the team and team channels. You can easily add team members in your threads to let them know about new discussions or policies.

The thread creator, team admin, or members can move the thread between channels. However, Twist will not allow you to move leads across teams.

Image showing the Twist Messaging system

Although Twist lets you focus on asynchronous communication, it has real-time messaging as well. You can send a text to one or more of the Messages section. You can also submit links, images, and other project files. Messaging has built-in integration of file hosting servers like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Visual image for comments and reactions

Once you create a new thread, everyone can start commenting there. You will see the reply section at the bottom of the topic. Comments allow you to tag a specific team member or all users in the thread.

Commenting also introduces a new communications feature, the Quick Actions. Quick Actions can let you tag someone in a thread or refer to the conversation in a thread or channel. You can also edit or delete your comments whenever you need to.

Twist has a good library of funny and cute emojis. You can use these to show your reaction to any threaded message or conversation.

5. Powerful notifications

Visible for Twist Notification List

Twist gently reminds you of any comments and messages through notifications. You have complete control over configuring notifications on Twist. Personalize your notification settings to stay focused while you’re at work.

There are several notification settings available for Twist users. Some of the vital notification settings are:

  1. Notice for All topics and messages
  2. threads only We exclusively inform you about new topics
  3. @ Bookmarks only Notifies you if someone tags you in a thread

You can also schedule snooze settings for the entire week for notification-free periods of time. The app will not send you any notifications. Once the scheduled period has passed, you will be able to see the latest updates.

6. Forward emails to TWIST

Screenshot of Twist app showing email forwarding address

Twist is not only a team communications app. You can do a lot of content management, project management, and file sharing on this app. You can forward work-related files and conversations to Twist via email forwarding. There are dedicated Twist email addresses for each group and thread.

You will find the email address by clicking on the ellipses of any group or thread. If you forward an email to a thread, the email content will appear as a comment. Then again, if you email the Twist group, you’ll see a new thread appear.

7. Automation and integration

Visualize many devious integrations and automations

You can extend your use of Twist by integrating it with your favorite business applications. Currently, the app can integrate with up to 28 platforms. You can integrate Twist with Google Drive for file sharing, Cal Friendly for calendar management, Asana for project management, etc.

You can use Zapier integrations to automate your team communications in Twist. There are also other automation integrations for Twist such as Team Check-In and Autoreports.

Remote team communication at its best

Twist and your team let you breathe a little bit so you can customize your workday to achieve project milestones. You can easily master this simple group communication app even on the first day of use.

The application is lightweight, lag-free and does not place an unnecessary burden on your desktop, laptop or mobile application. Moreover, it collects all working connections into modular threads. Now you can access relevant information in real time without scrolling through thousands of direct messages and meeting transcripts.

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