The influencer will stay away from social media.  You could?

The influencer will stay away from social media. You could?

Nashville, Tenn (WTVF) – Over the past decade, social media has become more and more ingrained in people’s daily lives.

Therapists say that although it is a means of communication, social media is also addictive.

So, let’s be honest.

Will you be able to weed out your social media? For most of us, it won’t be that easy. One man believes he can be the change he needs.

Instagram. Youtube. Twitter. tik tok snap chat. Facebook social networking site. Actor and content creator Kyle Harris has been making videos and garnering likes, shares, friends, and followers since his mid-teens.

“Lots of fun, stupid stuff,” Harris smiled. “When I discovered these platforms, it was an outlet for me to be creative and get over this fear of shyness. It took me out of my comfort zone.”

After several posts and videos, Harris decided to sign out. He quit social media for an entire year.

“This is going to be very difficult for me,” he said. “I was really addicted to social media. I couldn’t get rid of it. I really started seeing my love of social media taking over my life. It started messing with friendships and relationships. That was enough, I just wanted my time and my life back.”

Giving up social media for a year? Would this be something that most people would be easy to do?

“No. No. It wouldn’t be easy business for anyone,” said Lauren Ruth-Martin, LCP-MHSP, owner of Novel Couseling. “This is how we communicate now.”

Ruth Martin sees a lot of good things in social media, but she said a lot of people have trouble moderating it.

“We have to understand what makes sense for our lives,” she said. “The tricky thing is that the algorithm is designed to hit those parts of our brain that can become addicted. If you’re working 100% every day on social media, and it takes a lot of life, once you shamelessly label it as a problem, you are likely to change.”

According to USwitch, in 2020, Americans spent more than 1,300 hours on social media, due in large part to the pandemic. If you take all those hours and add them together, you get 57 days.

“People are sick,” Harris said. “People needed an outlet and that was it.”

Harris is making a documentary about his year without social media. So, after two weeks, what does it look like?

“I threw myself picking up my phone every 5 or 10 minutes,” he laughed. “Nothing there. You still want those dopamine hits.”

Does he think this year might make him a different person?

“I certainly hope so,” he said. “I think I will. I think I will have much better relationships with friends. I think it will keep me focused and intentional in the things I do. I will be very interested to know if we ever get back.”

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