The restaurant offers a free potted plant with every meal purchase

The restaurant offers a free potted plant with every meal purchase

lease: With the purchase of every meal, get a free potted plant.

This is the exclusivity that a restaurant in Damansara Perdana offers here, not only to attract more customers but also to promote the culture of green environment.

A community project implemented by a Facebook group called Plant Swag (Swap/Gift) at a Deaf in Business (DIB) restaurant that launched last month allowed customers to bring in different types of plants such as aloe vera, golden pothos and spider plant. As certified manufacturers, their purchases exceeded RM10.

The founder of the Facebook group, Evangeline Lim, said the idea came about when there were an excess of plants in members’ homes during the implementation of a Movement Control Order (MCO) that began in March 2020 as they were unable to perform their plant swap. Activities and awareness programs.

“At the time, we had to avoid face-to-face meetings in order to comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and as a result, we could not continue planting new trees as the balcony gardening space was full.

“Also, many small merchants have been severely affected by Covid-19. From there, I came up with the idea of ​​helping their business through cooperation that will enable customers to get free plants as a gift,” she told Bernama.

According to Lim, the community project implemented by the group of over 4,000 active members since 2018, among others, aims to instill a love for plants and the environment, thus encouraging home gardening activities among the community.

The marketing consultant hopes that the initiative can create an ecosystem that encourages the community to help each other, adding that she would like to cooperate with more parties, including small traders in the future.

“In order to collaborate, the building must have parking space to make it easy for members to send plants in, have access to sunlight, and the company offers merchandise for sale at reasonable prices,” said Lim, who started collaborating with another coffee shop in June 2020 before. In cooperation with Dubai Islamic Bank Restaurant in December last year.

One client, Siti Noraini Tugodin, 33, said the initiative has not only fostered and developed her interest in gardening activities, but has also become a social platform to share interests and make new friends.

“Here we can exchange plants with other gardeners, thus increasing the interest and excitement of seeing the plants grow,” she said.

Social Media Quality Assurance Director Nursihda Ezzti Mohamed Nouri, 27, said she is interested in visiting the restaurant to support green initiatives and sustainable living practices.

“As we move towards a green environment, I am trying to participate and contribute by participating in this program,” she said, suggesting that the organizer conduct strong promotional campaigns on social media.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Dubai Islamic Bank restaurant, Alain Teh, said that cooperation with the group not only increases the revenue of its business, but also increases the attractiveness of the restaurant run by 90 percent of the hard of hearing.

“Like other traders, we are also affected by Covid-19, but since the collaboration, our revenue has doubled and the number of weekend visitors has also tripled,” he said, adding that it is estimated that around 100 plants are certified daily. .-the name of the thing

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