Top 20 companies on this year’s telecommuting recruitment spree

Top 20 companies on this year’s telecommuting recruitment spree

2022 begins with a tighter labor market than ever, and workers are looking for jobs with more flexibility.

To help people narrow their search, FlexJobs has released its latest report on the 100 Best Companies Hiring Remote Jobs in 2022, considering nearly 57,000 companies that list their job site jobs.

New to the list this year are HubSpot, Mayo Clinic, and Stitch Fix, while several major employers have ranked in the top 100 since the report began nine years ago: Anthem, Inc., CVS Health, Dell Technologies, Kelly , Parexel, SAP, Stride, Inc. and UnitedHealth Group.

Each company hires “hundreds, if not thousands, of remote jobs in a given year,” Bree Reynolds, director of career services at FlexJobs, told CNBC Make It.

FlexJobs saw a 12% increase in the number of remote job listings in 2021 compared to 2020, with significant growth in accounting and finance, as well as HR and recruitment roles that can be performed partially or entirely from home. Approximately 30% of listings are for manager-level or senior-level positions.

“People are actively interested in continuing to work remotely,” Reynolds says. Just look at the record levels of people who left low-paying, inflexible jobs during the Great Resignation, she says. “As remote work continues, employers are seeing more of what it can look like and how it can work in the long run.”

Here are the top 20 companies hiring remote jobs in 2022, according to FlexJobs, along with the full list of the top 100 here.

1. BroadPath

headquarters: Tucson, Arizona

industry: getting help from external sources

remote jobs: Pharmacy technician, health insurance agent, member service representative

2. Levops

headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

industry: virtual call center

remote jobs: Customer Service Representative, Instructional Design Specialist, Digital Communication Specialist


headquarters: Tampa, Florida

industry: Customer service

remote jobs: Writer, Web Designer, Customer Service Representative

4. Working solutions

headquarters: Plano, Texas

industry: Customer service

remote jobs: Customer Service Representative, Sales Consultant

5. SAP

US Headquarters: Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

industry: projects and programs

remote jobs: Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Senior Accounts Executive

6. Teachers’ varsity

headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

industry: education

remote jobs: Instructor, Marketing Director, Vice President of Human Resources


headquarters: Englewood, Colorado

industry: getting help from external sources

remote jobs: Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative, Marketing Analytics Manager

8. Kelly / Kelly Connect

headquarters: Troy, Michigan

industry: recruitment

remote jobs: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Data Entry Analyst and Accounting Specialist

9. Williams-Sonoma

headquarters: San Francisco, California

industry: selling by pieces

remote jobs: Customer Service Representative

10. Copy Me

headquarters: San Francisco, California

industry: IT Services

remote jobs: copier

11. Robert Half International

headquarters: Menlo Park, California

industry: Recruitment and Consulting

remote jobs: HR Assistant, Technical Director, Security Analyst

12. Transcom

headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

industry: Customer service

remote jobs: HR Specialist, Digital Customer Experience Manager, Customer Services Manager

13. Dell Technologies

headquarters: Round Rock, Texas

industry: technology

remote jobs: User Experience Researcher, Business Strategy Consultant, Principal Software Engineer

14. United Health Group

headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota

industry: Health Care

remote jobs: Inpatient Case Manager, Behavioral Health Coach, Chief Risk Officer

15. Sutherland

headquarters: Pittsford, New York

industry: IT and Business Services

remote jobs: Customer Service Representative, Account Management Assistant, Mortgage Reporting Analyst

16. Changing healthcare

headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

remote jobs: Quality Assurance Analyst, Technical Writer, Benefits Officer

17. Thermo Fisher Scientific

headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts

industry: Biotechnology

remote jobs: Account Manager, Software Testing Engineer, Recruiter

18. Cactus Telecom

headquarters: Mumbai, India

industry: Communications

remote jobs: Science writer and editor

19. Parexel

headquarters: Newton, Massachusetts

industry: Biopharmaceutical services

remote jobs: Project Manager, Statistical Coder, and Executive Director of Clinical Workforce Development

20. CVS Health


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