Top 5 Fastest Growing PHP Web Development Frameworks

Top 5 Fastest Growing PHP Web Development Frameworks

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2. What is the PHP framework?
3. Why do we use PHP Framework?

  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Believe
  3. less code
  4. faster development
  5. Libraries for common tasks

4. What should you look for in a framework?
5. Top 5 fastest growing PHP frameworks

  1. Laravel
  2. Codeigniter
  3. Symphony
  4. CakePHP
  5. yea

6. Final Thoughts

an introduction

Are you planning to create a website in 2022 with all the features and functions? If so, then you need to focus on choosing the best PHP framework that is well suited to your business requirements and saves you money and time.

Developing a website from scratch requires investing a significant amount of time and effort, and by doing so, you can recreate the functionality that was already designed before and available for free. So implementing it into your project and focusing on creating a world-class, business-related product for your business would be a great idea, right?

The PHP development framework is the basis for building your application without re-creating the wheel. But choosing a robust and reliable PHP framework for your project is a difficult task. Before the development process, be sure to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all available PHP frameworks and choose a service provider that offers you the following services:

(taken from etfasoftPHP development services page

In this post, we will help you search for the best PHP frameworks for website development by addressing the top 5 choices. But before that let’s start by getting some basic information about PHP. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What is PHP Framework?

Top 5 Fastest Growing PHP Web Development Frameworks

PHP framework is a platform for developers that allows them to build web applications according to their requirements and requirements. Frameworks are useful because they speed up and normalize software development, alleviating doubts about how to start building an application.

If you use the PHP framework, you will end up saving a lot of time, eliminating the need to write repetitive code, and you will be able to develop web applications quickly. You can use code-linked libraries to perform basic tasks and functions that help you reduce the use of native code that you are required to write from scratch when planning to develop an application.

Why use the PHP framework?

The PHP framework provides an infrastructure for application development. Using frameworks really helps developers because it speeds up the development process and meets their performance needs.

Let’s discuss some good reasons to use PHP frameworks:

1. Easy to maintain

As we all know about the power of PHP, it encourages code refactoring and enables DRY development. It follows, that more cortical code base needs less maintenance. And you don’t have to worry about how to maintain the underlying framework, as the developers will take care of it.

2. Safe

With the growing popularity of PHP development, security indicators are also seen more often which include cross-site request fraud, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection attacks. In such cases, you must take the right steps to protect your website code or else your apps will be vulnerable.

Using the PHP framework is not a substitute for writing secure code, but it reduces the chance of unauthorized access to your site and protects against common threats.

3. Less code

If you are using the built-in functions provided by the PHP framework, this means that you are not required to write a lot of native code.

4. Faster development

As we all know, PHP frameworks provide built-in support for libraries and tools that developers can use to make the application development process easier and faster. If we take CakePHP framework as an example, it contains the Bake CL tool that allows you to generate the required structural code for your application.

5. Libraries for common tasks

Many common tasks are performed by developers in each application such as CRUD operations, form validation, data sanitization, and much more. To save your time, do not create your own functions, instead, reuse existing functions that are already available in the framework.

What should you look for in a framework?

Here are a few things you should look for while choosing a PHP framework that fits your project requirements:

  • supports: PHP offers great support because it has experienced developers and professionals working with them. Online resources and documentation should be available as they help you navigate the issues you may encounter.
  • philosophy: PHP frameworks meet your business requirements and help you achieve those goals.
  • Frame popularity and community size: PHP frameworks are community-driven, so they make sure to be optimized, maintained, and provide tremendous benefits.
  • Sustainability: If the framework is well maintained, it will support your group and technology in the future.

If you are confused in choosing the right PHP framework, to make better decisions, it is recommended to test it before implementing it in your project. Don’t try to try every one of them, but just narrow down two to three options and play with them. By doing this, you may get a clear picture of the frames and it may surprise you.

Top 5 Fastest Growing PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel

Among all the PHP frameworks, Laravel has been consistently popular since its inception. It is currently one of the most widely used PHP frameworks for web development. It has 60+ stars on GitHub which is a high-performance framework that provides great features and advantages such as ease of use, faster development, rich feature set, and much more.

If you have ever worked with Laravel, you should know that it is an open source web development framework which means that it is available for free. Laravel has strong support from the PHP developer community.

With Laravel development services, you can safely build applications according to your requirements and desires as you use the MVC architecture. It uses functional programming and an object-oriented strategy that allows you to develop highly standard codebases for your program. This fragmented architecture makes the framework highly scalable so that developers can easily use first-party packages and ship products to market in no time. Laravel’s built-in authentication features can take advantage of encrypted data storage to improve security. Despite this, it helps boost the performance of your apps, improve trash, and improve task execution.

Pros of Laravel

  • Laravel offers great security features to protect your website from cybercrime attacks. With this, developers can easily configure websites to enhance security and protect websites from cyber attacks.
  • It supports a wide range of modern features for your website such as encryption and reset passwords.
  • Compared to other web development frameworks, Laravel is very cost effective as it is an open source framework so there is no cost at all except for hiring developers to develop your site.
  • Many developers around the world prefer to use Laravel because it offers excellent built-in templates that make the process flexible and easy for developers.

Laravel cons

  • With Laravel, you need to create a separate admin panel that will manage and edit the content. So, if multiple stakeholders need access to an application’s settings, using a CMS could be a great option.
  • Lack of continuity between versions.

2. CodeIgniter

Another great PHP framework on our list is CodeIgniter. It is an open source rapid application development framework. Unlike other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter offers a variety of great libraries that will allow you to speed up the development of PHP web applications. You will be surprised to know that it is considered one of the most promising and useful PHP frameworks.

CodeIgniter helps PHP developers by providing them with a simple way to implement standard methods and get any explicit functionality. Easily develop dynamic, feature-rich, secure and scaling web applications due to friendly URLs.

CodeIgniter Pros

  • CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework that allows developers to focus on improving website performance.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced PHP programmer, CodeIgniter works well for both as it does not require additional effort and time.
  • You can easily set up and use CodeIgniter.
  • All PHP frameworks follow the MVC pattern, but here the scenario is different because CodeIgniter does not follow the MVC pattern.
  • It enhances the speed of development of large-scale applications that require complex project requirements using MVC in a completely different way.

CodeIgniter Cons

  • It does not emphasize the maintainability of the code which means that there is no support for standard decoupling of the code by default.
  • Compared to other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter libraries are not as comprehensive as others, which is not good.

3. Symphony

In our list of top 5 PHP frameworks, we have Symfony at number three for web development. You have received more than 20 thousand stars on GitHub It provides a set of 50 stand-alone, reusable PHP components that make web application development faster and easier.

Symfony is a well-organized and feature-rich PHP framework that allows you to create microservices, web applications, and APIs in the easiest way possible. Not only that, but it also offers 30 useful components that facilitate the development process.

4. CakePHP

CakePHP is an open source RAD framework that follows the MVC pattern. It allows you to build feature-rich, world-class web applications from scratch in minimal time required. Unlike other PHP frameworks, CakePHP is easy to use and requires minimal configuration to create visually stunning web applications.

Despite this, it lowers the requirements making the task simpler for programmers to create web applications without losing flexibility and compromising on quality.

5. Yii

Finally, we have Yii. It is a high-performance, component-based PHP web development framework that allows developers to quickly build modern web applications. If your requirements are complex and have wide-ranging applications, it will be a great choice if you choose Yii for your project.

Apart from this, it enables maximum reuse in programming and speeds up Application development process.

last thoughts

Do you have limited time to develop your PHP application, but confused about choosing the right framework for your project? If so, get the most out of the PHP framework and make sure you have a great knowledge about PHP and a good understanding of all concepts like command line, MVC architecture, and object oriented syntax.

PHP offers various frameworks for web development and choosing one of them is a daunting task. To make your task easier, we have narrowed down the list of the 5 best PHP frameworks that offer out-of-the-box features and functionality for your project.

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Happy reading!

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