Westwood One launches ‘Eliott & Nina’

Westwood One launches ‘Eliott & Nina’

New Evening Show New Subscriber CHR January 17th

NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – CUMULUS MEDIA’s (NASDAQ: CMLS) Westwood One “Elliott & Nina” will present a new show on Hit Radio broadcasting live from Westwood One’s Atlanta studios beginning Monday, January 17th. Hits, celebrity and artist updates, pop culture news, listener calls, and comprehensive social media integrations.

“Elliott and Nina are ready to reimagine and recharge CHR overnight,” said Brian Phillips, executive vice president of content and audience. “By bringing chemistry, comedy, and cultural significance, you will light up every platform with this fast-paced new entry.”

“Elliott and Nina are the perfect duo to deliver our national group evening show. Susan Grimes, Executive Vice President of Marketing, CUMULUS MEDIA and President of Westwood One said:

“Eliott & Nina” is available via satellite receiver. For more information on “Eliott & Nina,” contact Todd Allan at (212) 735-1107 or talan@westwoodone.com.

About Elliot King
Originally from the West Side of Indianapolis, Elliott attended college and hone his broadcasting skills in Michigan. He spent 10 years hosting radio shows across the country from Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis and Philadelphia before settling in Atlanta. Elliott is a strong advocate for mental health awareness. You can catch up with him on social media with lots of funny content and videos.

About Nina Hajian
Nina is an award-winning radio professional with experience in key markets including New York and Chicago. Nina started her career at Radio Seattle, doing everything from hanging up signs to untying a microphone every so often. She has worked as the exclusive Red Carpet Reporter for Seattle Radio at major Hollywood events such as the Grammy Awards, American Idol Finals, Fox Premieres, and Teen Choice Awards. Nina has been honored nationally for her work with two Gracie Awards within three years. Nina raises awareness of breast cancer and suicide prevention.

About Westwood One
Westwood Wan, the national confrontation arm of quantum media (NSDQ: CMLS), delivers creative and synergized nationwide sports, news and entertainment content to more than 250 million listeners per month via an audio network of nearly 7,300 affiliated radio stations and media partners. Westwood One is America’s largest audio network, home to culture-defining premium content, including the NFL, NCAA, Masters, CNN, AP, Academy of Country Music Awards, and Westwood One Backstage. The rapidly growing Cumulus Podcast Network provides highly popular personalities and programs in networking and industries. Westwood One connects listeners with their passion through programs and platforms that make everyone listen. For more information, please visit www.westwoodone.com.

Karen Glover | Westwood One | kglover@westwoodone.com

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