Be flexible in 2022: a marketing consultant thinks it over

Be flexible in 2022: a marketing consultant thinks it over

TORONTO, Dec. 28, 2021 (The Globe Newswire) — Hossam Jandal, an internationally acclaimed business and marketing consultant, says business owners should re-evaluate their marketing strategies as the new year approaches. Due to the massive shifts in consumer behavior and changes in technology, it is unlikely that previously successful approaches will produce the same results in the future. An in-depth look at how marketers are reframing their approach can be found in his free report, “6 Key Marketing Lessons Learned in 2021.”

“Many business owners and even marketers believe that consumers are tired of being online or that their attention span is shorter now,” Jindal explains. “Statistically, that’s not what we see at all. Nearly a third of adults are online almost continuously. What changes is how people interact when they are online.”

Jandal is based on research from Pew and HubSpot, which indicates that online shopping is on the rise, with Generation Z and Millennials spending an extra 43 to 46 minutes shopping online per day. Large parts of the population are also engaged in social media and research in new ways.

“These provide more opportunities for companies to connect with their audiences digitally,” Jindal says. “However, brands need to take a hard look at their personalities to make sure they are still trying to reach the right people and whether the types of content they create match their needs.”

A business and digital marketing consultant recommends a basic approach and a comprehensive update of marketing strategies from 2022. Companies may find their audiences, preferred channels for audiences, and the types of content they value have changed over the past year.

He says it’s also a good time for brands to re-evaluate their core messages – not just in terms of value propositions but also in determining what the brand itself stands for and whether it resonates with today’s ethical consumers.

“Loyalty is hard to come by in today’s market,” Al-Jandal says wistfully. “Companies often think about how customer service can build better relationships, and they are, but it starts with marketing. Your brand. Simplicity, seamless omnichannel experiences, and the true empathy shown through digital marketing will create entrepreneurs this year.”

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