Critical Selling Skill: Literacy – Business Community 2

Critical Selling Skill: Literacy – Business Community 2

Reading is essential The slogan was Literacy for Children and Not for Profit by the same name. I am writing to the management team to suggest they expand their services and offerings to sales people.

Like everyone else, I am flooded with emails and social media platforms to raise awareness. It is divided into three categories:

  1. Less than 1% is relevant and interesting and I’m following it to find out more.
  2. About 50% of them are irrelevant, unfocused and just unimportant. They are usually not the greatest prose, but I at least understand their point, no matter how bad they are.
  3. About 49% is unreadable. It might be something I might be interested in, but it was written by people who may have failed their 3rd grade writing classes. Below is one I received this morning:

Hi David – I hope you are doing well, and having a great start to the New Year and the first quarter. We invite people who share similar backgrounds to an exclusive session below.

It’s great to have EXCELLENC as Value Management Consulting. I was reading news that there is a deadline for nominations and that it will be closing soon. I’ve been browsing through it, and I hope to share more.

I’m David, sales consultant, at [Name Withheld] Digital Marketing. We have helped similar companies to yours, please accept it [our invitation for an exclusive session (attached deck here) ] (link removed) Learn more.

Have a great rest of the week! “

Upon receiving this email, I suspected it might have been written in a language close to English, but not quite. I copied and pasted it into Google Translate. Google is back with the same text. Therefore, it seems that he wrote in English – he was simply illiterate and incomprehensible.

some notes:

  1. EXCELLENC is not a misspelling, it’s part of our company’s email address (long story). But seeing the name of the company referred to in this way, is always an indication that the person has no clue who we are and what we do. Most likely they received the email from some list.
  2. We provide value management consulting – less to ourselves, more to providing advisory services to clients facing challenging growth issues. So I really don’t understand what the author is trying to communicate.
  3. Then there is the sentence, “I was reading the news that there is a deadline for nominations…….” huh! I quickly went to Axios to see if they were announcing a deadline for nominations. The deadlines were not announced in the Wall Street Journal nor the New York Times. Realizing that the news might be in my social media news feeds, I looked at my new LinkedIn feeds for nomination deadlines. I have no idea what this person is trying to say. Nominations for what? Are we candidates .. Are we looking for a nomination? Should we nominate someone for something? I signed a petition to nominate a neighbor for our community council – does he refer to that? What is he trying to tell me and why do I care?
  4. It is interesting that it represents the services of a digital marketing agency. I wonder why I need to delve into a bunch of some kind to score. But most importantly, my experience with digital marketing agencies is that they tend to provide digital content to grab attention. I think this email is an example of the quality and clarity with which they provide that content.
  5. This is the third email I’ve received from David. Each is exactly the same, each is unreadable.

Unfortunately, 49% of the prospecting emails I receive are unreadable. They might be things I would care about, if only I could understand what they were saying.

Reading and writing are fundamental, if you are incomprehensible, you will fail. Consider taking a course or perhaps enrolling in literacy programs for reading is essential (lied about your age on the enrollment form).

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