Digital Transformation in 2022, Marketing and Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Digital Transformation in 2022, Marketing and Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Digital meta-modulation in 2022
Cryptocurrency, NFT, Metaverse, vertical video craze. There are some days when I feel like I can’t keep up. Unfortunately, brands cannot raise their hands in a similar way. Digital platforms are changing faster than ever and brands, unlike me, must be ready for that. Here are some of the key digital trends brands and their managers need to look out for in 2022. These trends were drawn from the inputs that experts provided to our team of journalists.

Mixed reality: Facebook’s rebranding to Meta is just the beginning of another digital revolution on our way. Facebook is certainly not the only company that wants to shape the meta image. Epic Games has already made an announcement about funding this year. Microsoft is looking to build a metaverse focused on action, while Apple develops advanced VR gear that will transform the market.

Growth of NFTs: Experts predict that non-fungible tokens will not only become an obsession among fraternities in Bollywood and sports, but will become a massive trend that is cementing them as an inherent part of popular culture.

Short Video Content: The explosive growth of TikTok and now Reels will by no means stop. Consumers watch more video content on their phones than their TVs and brands will have to adapt to.

And finally, influencer marketing: It doesn’t matter whether people think content creation is an actual job or not, because influencers have tremendous reach and a good “impact”. Brands that have owned content makers almost have a new funnel to drive sales (look no further than Netflix India).

The digital world is a series of continuous small revolutions. To keep up with the pace, there is only one way out. the shift.

– Reda Fatima Mobin

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What does the digital world hold in 2022

Digital meta-modulation in 2022
The year 2021 has brought many surprises to the digital sphere – the kind that has irrevocably changed the business landscape. There was a ban on Chinese apps that made TikTok one of the biggest victims, Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, 2021 by the Ministry of Information Technology, and the currently preferred buzzwords – cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Metaverse.

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Human existence is the ultimate link in the Metaverse: Satya Nadella

Digital meta-modulation in 2022
The Chairman and CEO of Microsoft said that human existence is the ultimate link where the digital and physical worlds come together.

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