For graphic designers, websites, photographers and more

For graphic designers, websites, photographers and more

People have always been visually driven, so it’s no surprise that we’re drawn to beautiful photos. This is especially true when it comes to online content. People are more likely to stop scrolling and give time for an eye-catching photo. In fact, articles with interesting images are 94% more likely to get views than those without images, on average. So if you want to drive traffic to your blog posts, you will need beautiful images in the form of photographs and illustrations.

Since images are such a vital aspect of design, especially photography, try to make the most of it. Any website, good or bad, needs some amount of images or images to break the text completely. Unfortunately, these images can be very expensive, so many of them end up as generic and usually overused images. Get access to the best stock photos for free or at minimal fees with the best stock photos sites. Here are some of the best stock photo sites of 2022.

Collection of themes and images at Shutterstock Collection of themes and images at Shutterstock Photo:

Shutterstock is already a household name when it comes to stock photos. You get royalty-free products including images, videos and audio files of your content at reasonable prices. Coordinated inventory assets will ensure you’re not left with cheesy stock photos. Alternatively, you can have multi-dimensional and trending products in many categories so that you have perfect images for your content. It also has an easy-to-use mobile app so you can browse for the perfect picture anytime and anywhere. Subscription plans start at $29 per month for 10 images or choose to get on-demand packages at a one-time $49 cost for five images. They also offer a one-month free trial.

iStock offers structured and objective photos iStock offers structured and objective photos Photo:

iStock is developed by Getty Images so expect eye-catching photos and videos that easily attract your audience for a budget-friendly fee. With an AI-powered search engine, it features creative visual content from photographers and videographers from all over the world. With every purchase, you can take advantage of both editorial and commercial licensing. iStock uses a credit system that starts at $12 for 1 credit but goes down the more credits you buy up to 3 credits for $33. These credits are what you use to purchase photos and videos but there is also an option to purchase them with US dollars.

YayImages YayImages Photo:

With over 13.5 million royalty-free images and vectors, Yay Images can help improve your content marketing and increase traffic to your website. Stock images, vectors, and videos are sourced from 18,000 artists in over 145 countries. It categorizes vectors and images into their own labels to make it easier for users to discover and find the perfect image for their content. Subscription plans start at $11.99 per month which provides unlimited access to photos and snapshots.

Scientific Scientific Photo:

Alamy is a comprehensive collection of images that includes everything from stock photos, trendy vectors, historical archive photos, news, and photos of current events. More than just royalty-free images, Alamy offers a custom license to fit any project as well as full commercial use of any image for your use. Alamy features different groups and related categories so your content is always up to date. Buy the image or image you want which offers two prices: Standard and royalty-free with the latter priced much higher. However, get 30% off when you take advantage of their photo packages.

Unlimited stock Unlimited stock Photo:

Get the most out of your content with StockUnlimited. Get access to 1 million high-quality, royalty-free assets including images, graphics, icons, and fonts. Your purchase comes with a selection of audio files that you can use for audio and music editing. You can also customize these stock assets to make them blog and social media ready. Get it on sale for just $49 on AppSumo today.

JumpStory JumpStory Photo:

JumpStory gives you unlimited access to millions of images, videos, vectors, icons and audio clips that are sure to drive traffic and increase engagement on your site and social media channels. By using original stock photos like these, it can outperform other traditional photos by up to 80%. JumpStory also comes with a simple editor so you can edit images to suit your marketing and creative needs. JumpStory also features an AI-powered TextMatch search that searches for the best stock image that matches your copy. Get it on sale for just $135 on AppSumo today.

Engimage Engimage Photo:

Get millions of stock photos, vector graphics, and HD videos all curated so you can add a dash of creativity to your next project. Ingimage is ideal for niche themes and categories because it only offers high-quality stock assets, so you don’t have to go through regular and sub-par assets. With Ingimage, you are given a minimum of 100 credits that you can use to download any product from its curated inventory library. Get it on sale for just $69 on AppSumo today.

Pictures are born Pictures are born Photo:

Any marketer or designer can attest that searching for images of various models can be difficult. Generated Photos provide photo-realistic images of people of all colors and ages created entirely by artificial intelligence. Through the filters, you can narrow down the range of age, race, gender, hair color and facial expressions. Get it on sale for just $69 on AppSumo today.


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