Google My Business Profiles for Law Firms

Google My Business Profiles for Law Firms

It’s surprising how many law firms don’t make use of their Google My Business profile. Once you know how strong your Google My Business profile is, you’ll be excited to start working for your own law firms.

But when you start filling out your profile on Google My Business, you may not be sure what parts are necessary, and how to write your profile in a way that helps your law firm rank. With that in mind, here are five of the most important things your law firm should include on your Google My Business profile.

What is Google My Business?

Google is the best search engine in the world. As such, if you want to win in the rankings, you need to be prepared to work with the Google algorithm. But more than that, Google likes to know when the law firm uses its products and services. You may remember some law firms when Google Plus was “all the rage.” Although it has never really grown in popularity the way other social networks have, if your law firm is using Google Plus, you can bet that Google is prioritizing your company over others that weren’t in the rankings.

Google My Business is similar. When a user searches for a business by name, and that business has claimed their Google My Business profile, that profile will be prominently displayed on the left sidebar of the search results. This is a great feature, but more than that, claiming that your profile is on Google My Business is a signal to Google that your company is doing what it needs to do to rank.

But you can’t simply claim your Google My Business profile, add your location, hours, and contact them daily. If Google My Business (GMB) is used to its full potential, it can be great for search engine optimization (SEO) and for highlighting your unique value proposition so that you name your law firm in a way that best serves the needs of your potential client.

When you get started on your law firm’s GMB profile, you’ll need to start by choosing the primary and secondary categories. These tell users about the services your law firm offers. You will have the opportunity to define your own areas of practice here. But be careful in selecting the right categories, because choosing the wrong category can have a devastating effect on your rankings.

Once you have updated your profile with the correct categories and filled your profile with appropriate contact information about your law firm, it’s time to update GMB by posting weekly content on your profile. But publishing weekly posts does more than just keep your content relevant.

This is a great opportunity for your law firm to establish itself as an authority in your field of practice. Make sure that you post content with information that users will search for based on in-depth keyword research, so you can provide them with the answers they need.

The longer a user stays on your post, the more juice is sent to Google that says your law firm is the one to rank for when people search for specific law-related search queries.

Once your Google My Business profile is created and thriving, you need to make sure that you actively respond to reviews as they come in. Establish a system to let your clients know that providing reviews is valuable to your law firm. You can also offer incentives to attract customers and peers to leave a review on GMB for your company.

Make no mistake not to respond to any negative reviews you may receive. You don’t have to argue with negative reviewers, but you have a chance to show the audience and potential customers how to handle an unhappy customer.

Be professional and try to correct the situation whenever possible. Make sure to respond to your positive comments as well. You can highlight the positive attributes of the review and thank them for taking the time to leave a review.

Another way to show Google that your law firm is active and relevant online is to update your GMB with photos on a weekly basis. You can share snapshots of your team working tirelessly for your clients, the team participating in events within the community, or make announcements when your law firm brings in new lawyers or joins a new organization.

The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to keep updates related to the company only, and save your family and personal updates to your social media profiles.

GMB also provides opportunities for your potential clients to get to know your law firm and ask specific questions. While you do not need to get specific answers via your Google My Business profile, you should take the time to respond and suggest that the user contact your office to discuss the details in person or virtually. This is a good way to tell Google that your law firm is active, but more importantly, that you are responding to users who have submitted questions via your GMB.

Once you’ve taken the time to fill out your law firm’s Google My Business profile, you’ll also want to make sure you make time to keep it. It’s not enough just to fill out your Google My Business profile and do nothing else. Every week or month you should make updates to your profile and make changes as needed. This can go a long way in helping Google show that your law firm is relevant and should be at the top of search results for law firms in your area.

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