How can instant messaging transform your law firm?

How can instant messaging transform your law firm?

Written by Lauren Riley, CEO of Legal Futures Associate The Link App

How can instant messaging transform your law firm?

Riley: Instant messaging makes working with customers faster and safer

The vast majority of law firms have no instant messaging capability at all. In what other sector is this the case? Most lawyers stick to traditional communication channels like email and phone, but in 2021 there is no good reason for that.

For example, we live in a world where internet crime is increasing and email is fundamentally unsecure. A 2019 Crowe UK report found that 91% of law firms were at risk of having their email addresses used to send phishing, spam and other fraudulent emails.

The Bar Regulatory Authority has reported that £2.5m was stolen from law firms in 2020 by cybercriminals. It found that more than 80% of companies rely on services with known vulnerabilities.

No wonder 91% of cyber crimes are committed using email. Security is fundamentally flawed, having not improved much since the days of the ARPANET in the 1970s, when email messages were freely readable by administrators in a tight-knit network of American universities and research centers.

You will know that we often face a trade-off between safety and comfort; But email offers the worst of both worlds.

Lawyers can wait days at a time for clients to get back to any particular message when they don’t have to actively prosecute them, and clients know they don’t expect a timely response: Study by SuperOffice indicating average response time for email sending period to Cannes 12 hours.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be a huge, involved process that requires planning and IT professionals – in fact, many of the companies we work for don’t need an IT department at all. Simply adopting an instant messaging solution makes working with customers faster and more secure.

It’s a win-win for you and your customers: Research from BoldChat found that, on average, customers who used instant messaging were 4.5 times more valuable to a business than those who didn’t, and a study by JD Power found that 42% of customers preferred live chat via mail electronic, and only 23% prefer them.

Digital transformation isn’t just about messaging. Law firms are increasingly competing for customer service, and at a time when law technology is rapidly growing, digital setup tools such as self-service identity verification and automated document solutions are appearing on the market all the time.

It makes life easier for both attorneys and their clients, from in-office case management systems to simplified client-facing mobile applications.

Instant messaging is a simple improvement that can have positive effects throughout your business. Not many law firms are as focused on customer service as they should, but the number of forward-thinking attorneys who see how they can make it pay off for them is only increasing every year.

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