Kyber Digital offers paid ads in Google My

Kyber Digital offers paid ads in Google My

Lacy Town, December 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Jersey-based Kyber Digital is pleased to offer an advertising platform, Google My Business (GMB), where businesses can advertise and secure new customers. Kyber Digital understands that small business owners need to research all avenues of advertising, getting new customers and securing new customers, and their team is eager to help local entrepreneurs expand their reach with their new service.

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Paid advertising is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Kyber Digital’s introduction of paid advertising on Google My Business opens up another way to connect with small businesses. This is different from advertising through Google Ads and is also more cost effective for businesses at this point. Google My Business is a platform that local businesses can set up in order to boost their online visibility with localized results. A business with GMB has a greater potential to appear in local search results so that more potential customers are directed to their web pages – and eventually their products or services. GMB can be simply described as a business profile and dashboard that allows businesses to broadcast their official address, phone number, website, photos, important contact information, information about store opening hours and operations, and much more, including seasonal offers. Business owners can also provide their employees with access to a GMB profile, allowing them to respond to messages and post regular updates (such as a social media account) on their behalf. Learn more here:

Kyber Digital offers paid ads in Google My

Anyone can open a GMB account for free, but Kyber Digital states that opening an account is especially ideal for businesses with a physical front. It requires minimal management, and only needs to verify the business address and a maintenance review. Any business can run ads on GMB, and whenever anyone in an area searches for a particular service, an ad will appear as part of the top search results. Notably, it will display the “advertisement” poster so that the viewer will know that it is not appearing because of popularity but because of paying for this listing. When doing paid advertising through GMB, the company advertises through Google Maps rather than the search engine, and Google calls identify these campaigns as smart campaigns.

Kyber Digital also highlights the differences between Google Ads and GMB. A smart campaign can help business owners reach more customers through online advertising, and it differs from Google Ads because it uses local search settings and Google Maps as the primary form of advertising. Verified businesses are more likely to appear on Google Maps (and by a banner on the right side of Google searches). Google ads appear in Google search results when anyone searches for relevant keywords and the results are selected based on the bidding system. Learn more here:

Setting up paid ads, or a smart campaign, is a fairly easy process on GMB. However, the company will need a GMB profile to get started. Smart campaigns still work through Google Ads, but the company will choose to promote locally. Smart campaigns that use GMB are useful for small business owners as it is a viable option for local advertising. It is also a wise choice for small business owners who want to do some local advertising in their competitive market while staying within a reasonable budget. The budget limit will be what they choose and Google will not exceed it. As the company will have more local exposure, the allocated budget can have a proportionately greater impact. Businesses can reach more potential customers through this unique platform easily.

Kyber Digital was founded after co-founders Jay Miller and Aaron Maung realized that they could change people’s lives through their marketing skill sets. This humble and duty realization was due to their experience in helping their friend’s business expand and develop. Presently, Kyber Digital operates as an account-based marketing agency for B2B companies and has clients all over the world. The team takes pride in the close relationships they have developed with all of their clients. The company creates tailored campaigns focused on helping small businesses give their customers a better experience.

To learn more about Kyber Digital and the services it offers, customers can visit their official website at The team can also be contacted via phone, email and social media platforms.


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