Private Equity Marketing Success Analytics

Private Equity Marketing Success Analytics

As competition between investors and deals becomes fiercer, a strong digital marketing strategy is critical for private equity firms when it comes to sourcing acquisition targets, raising capital for new funds or accelerating the growth of their portfolio companies. Whether you have years of experience using digital marketing to tell your story or you’re just dipping your toes into the process, here are the essential analytics you should use to gauge how well your marketing initiatives meet your goals.

Email Marketing Campaign Success

In the digital space, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods. Once you’ve created a list of email subscribers, you can keep your private equity firm and your investment criteria ahead of the interests of investors, business owners, and referral sources by regularly distributing news about your finances, platform investments, add-ons, and partners.

While developing engaging content is an integral part of your email marketing program, perhaps just as important is keeping track of what happens after you click send. Tracking open rates and opt-out requests will help you understand if your content is up to par – in terms of engagement and excitement – and reach the right audience. An additional major indicator of interest is the click rate on an email. Your email should provide just enough content to pique your readers’ interest and get them to click on links to learn more. Linking back to the additional content will drive traffic back to your site, providing additional opportunities for you to interact with your target audiences.

Social Media Metrics

An effective social media strategy offers a variety of benefits – from building greater brand awareness and enhancing your business visibility to increasing website traffic. Once you have your strategy finished and posted on the appropriate social media channels, it’s time to see how much your posts will impact your goals.

You can track this performance by some metrics, including the number of likes, comments, and new followers gained after each new post. However, the best measure of success is when your followers share your content with their social media circle. This expands your reach to hundreds, if not thousands of additional viewers with a single click – dramatically increasing audience numbers reading about your experience and expertise, opening your stock company to a host of new investors and deal opportunities.

Converting a digital advertising campaign

A dynamic and highly scalable tool for any business, digital advertising can be used to build brand awareness, generate quality leads and increase product sales – even with a tight budget. There are five main types of digital ads that can be beneficial to your business, including search (text ads in search results), display (display ads on websites), sponsored posts, social media, video, and retargeting ads. With retargeting, a tracking code (called a cookie) is placed on the computers of your website visitors. After they leave your website, the code will allow you to retarget them with your company’s ads while they continue browsing other sites on the Internet.

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