SMS Marketing Trends for Small Business |  News

SMS Marketing Trends for Small Business | News

SMS is arguably the most underappreciated marketing channel. First, more than 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, while only 40% owns a smartphone. Even better, SMS marketing has a much higher ROI than any other digital marketing strategy.

Check out the technical jury study if in doubt. It is shown that 75% of consumers prefer to receive promotional messages via text messages. If you’re wondering, the average open rate is 98%.

Feeling moving? The following SMS Marketing Predictions for 2022 will make you more excited about what you can achieve with SMS Marketing.

Massive adoption of SMS marketing

A new report from Forrester Research shows that the number of text messages on mobile will increase by 40% in 2022 as marketers look for new ways to reach consumers directly. The report says the pandemic has made most business plans moot. Thus, forcing brands to search for alternative high-impact solutions. As a result, 60% of organizations plan to intensify their SMS marketing campaigns.

Increased integration with other channels

Multichannel marketing is gaining momentum faster than initially anticipated as a way to improve customer experience. This broader trend will affect text message marketing as well. Unlike in the past, where many brands have used SMS marketing as a standalone strategy, we will see SMS woven into other marketing strategies in 2022. For example, some apps now allow brands to collect mobile phone numbers by email. Then they send one-time campaigns to the numbers.

SMS Marketing to Bridge Customer Support Gaps

Brands are constantly losing customers when callers are waiting in line for support due to long queues and small support desk teams. This can change with SMS text messages. Many consumers prefer texting over calls anyway, especially millennials and Generation Z. Moreover, brands can easily save resources and automate scripted support sections to solve consumer inquiries more conveniently.

Via selling through SMS updates

With increasingly crowded email inboxes and recent indications that consumers now prefer text over email, we’re about to see a shift in cross-selling strategies. Previous updates such as delivery messages and order confirmations were sent via email. However, more brands are looking to send the same via SMS in 2022. Why is SMS marketing not cost-effective while offering a much higher open rate?

Advanced targeting through triggered SMS

We’ve seen this trend in apps and even email. The group of brands launched messages to celebrate customers’ birthdays and milestones. Or they use it to inform consumers of new product releases. Research now shows that we could see the same from SMS messages as of 2022. The messages that run are convenient and low-cost. But most importantly, it helps with loyalty campaigns and can be a valuable tool for remarketing.

Personal SMS Marketing for Higher Return on Investment

We’re also poised to see an increase in SMS marketing personalization, just as we’ve seen with email and social media. For example, brands will spend more time coordinating marketing SMS messages to appeal to each user’s personality and culture. We are likely to see new targeting dimensions with a shift to individual needs rather than group needs.

SMS for Influencer Marketing

Finally, we’ll likely see brand partners with influencers running SMS marketing campaigns in 2022. For example, don’t be surprised to receive a text message from Meghan offering 20% ​​off your favorite shoe brand if you use the code “MEG20.” It’s a great way for brands to close in on more sales and consumers to interact with their favorite characters.

Are you ready to try it out?

It’s never too late to ride the SMS marketing hype train. In addition, you do not have to worry too much about the budget because SMS marketing is very affordable. However, you must start or risk losing your competitors’ prestige as the market changes.

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