The life of an SEO specialist was featured in the “On My Way” series of the National Youth Council

The life of an SEO specialist was featured in the “On My Way” series of the National Youth Council

Melvin Fam SEO Specialist

Melvin Pham, SEO specialist featured in the story “On My Way” by the National Youth Council to showcase his daily life as a young professional in the SEO industry.

Curious to know what an SEO professional does? Meet Melvin Pham, Head of SEO Team at OOm, as he shares his day as an SEO Specialist in New York City!

SINGAPORE, January 7, 2022 / – To highlight careers that can inspire young people in Singapore, the National Youth Council (NYC) has created the ‘On My Way’ series – introducing a group of young professionals and sharing intimate insights into the newspaper The daily lives of different professionals in their respective fields.

Among them is Melvin Fam, SEO Specialist and Head of SEO Team at OOm, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore.

Melvin appeared on their “On My Way” series in New York City on their YouTube channel and website about a day in the life of a search engine optimization (SEO) professional. In his interview, Melvin shared what most people think of an SEO specialist versus what he actually does.

SEO is not a scam
Melvin addressed this issue during his interview with his “On My Way” series in New York City and stated that SEO is not a scam – SEO requires a lot of work behind the scenes, including optimizing the content, user interface, and structure of the website, as well as To improve keywords and link building. These SEO strategies are implemented to help take a website to the first page of search engines.

Another misconception explained by two files is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing, as many people think they are the same.

In the tutorial section of his interview, Melvin explained that SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is actually paid advertisements, which appear at the top of search engine results pages. On the other hand, SEO helps websites to organically rank on search engines.

A Day in the Life of an SEO Professional
He has gone into great detail about his responsibilities as an SEO specialist. Melvin mentioned that he starts his day as an SEO specialist by checking his client’s performance on search engines. It then monitors any changes in their keywords and whether there is any growth or decline in performance. Then, he will think of solutions to propose to his client at their regular meetings.

Through regular meetings, Melvin can update clients on the performance of their SEO campaigns as well as suggest their next course of action. Together with their SEO team, they can think and plan different strategies. “As a team, we need to be on the same page so we can help our clients achieve their goals,” Melvin said.

In short, what an SEO specialist does is:

– Analyzing the performance of the client’s website on search engines.
– Carry out preparatory work and research
– Attending client meetings
– Internal meetings with the SEO team

Watch the rest of the day in the life of an SEO professional in the video below:

How Do I Find Two Files For The First Time SEO?
Before Melvin became an SEO specialist, he only had a Diploma in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. At the time, digital marketing wasn’t popular, and there wasn’t much information available, so Melvin focused on traditional sales and marketing for ten years.

Melvin first got into SEO in April 2020, when he was looking for a way to earn extra income. At that time, he just started copywriting and then thought that he wanted to expand his knowledge in the field of digital marketing. From there, Melvin took internships with Google, and that opened up the SEO world for him, and he joined OOm as an SEO specialist soon after.

Being a student and coach at the same time has helped Melvin pick the lead role for other SEO professionals to deliver good results. “I have always been a staunch advocate of mentoring people and helping them realize their potential and I think that has helped me transition more easily into this role,” Melvin said.

He added, “Of course, I hope to be able to do more to lead the SEO team to excel and help our clients achieve better results and grow the department even more.” Melvin also mentioned that he has always been thirsty for knowledge and that is probably the secret that has made him such a successful SEO specialist today.

Melvin’s Advice for Aspiring SEO Professionals
“Be curious to learn more because SEO is constantly changing,” Melvin said. Curiously, aspiring SEO professionals can connect the dots between different data and think of strategies to help the client improve their SEO performance.

About OOm
From a small team of digital professionals and creatives, OOm has grown a lot since 2006 and now we are an award winning digital marketing agency in Singapore. Since OOm specializes in various digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media management, they have taken a customer first approach and provide what their customers want and need. This high efficiency has led OOm to expand its digital marketing services in the Philippines, China and Hong Kong to accommodate the diverse and growing local demands of digital marketing.

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On My Way!: A Day in the Life of an SEO Professional


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