Voices releases State of the Voice 2022 report as demand for independent voice actors continues to rise

Voices releases State of the Voice 2022 report as demand for independent voice actors continues to rise

In the wake of focusing more on the customer 2022 Annual Trends ReportThe Voices Voice Status Report compiled survey data from nearly 1,700 voice-over industry participants. The purpose of the report is to gather and share ideas and experiences from actual voice actors as part of Voices’ commitment to providing meaningful tools and resources to the talent community.

Combining survey data, tips, suggestions, and advice from professional voice actors, the Voiceover Status Report is packed with valuable information for anyone working as a voiceover artist or interested in breaking into the audio and video industry.

The Voice Over status survey focused on three main areas for voice actors:

  • talent development
  • Home recording studio technology and software
  • Expressing business and career development plans

More than 1,650 participants largely agreed, with five trends identified by the survey:

  • Career growth is a top priority for 2022
  • Talent develops skills in the most sought-after roles in 2021
  • Diversity and inclusion are in customers’ minds, making more jobs available for diverse voice actors
  • Voice actors choose the Voices platform to find their next role
  • Live sessions are streamlined, making it easier for talent and clients to connect via voiceover projects

“The way we consume content Shifting to include more audio-focused experiences, brands understand the importance Incorporating voice into their marketing strategies, providing target audiences with authentic and authentic content, and Define their brand voiceSays the founder and CEO of Voices David Cicarelli. “This requires the skills of voice actors who are able to bring the voice of a project or brand to life, which in turn has increased the need for voice actors. The Voice Status Report was created to help aspiring voice actors and established artists alike respond to this growing demand, and what better A way to do this by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience within the Voices VO community? We aim to provide our talent community with the tools they need to succeed on the Voices platform, and this continues with our first-ever Voiceover Status Report.”

For the full report, including details about working with an instructor, the most popular voiceover styles, the importance of diversity and inclusion, home recording software and technology, and more, visit: https://www.voices.com/company/press/reports/2022-state-of-voice-over

To register for Voices, please visit: https://www.voices.com/talent-memberships

To recruit a skilled Ultrasound talent, please visit: https://www.voices.com/hire

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