Why the gaming industry could be the new social media

Why the gaming industry could be the new social media

In today’s digital age, games are more inclusive, interactive, and a viable means of communicating and building community

By Muhammed Aqib TP

With hobby sites and forums having little or no functionality at all other than textual posting, social media platforms break patterns and wander, now offering far-reaching features of all kinds from monetization to live broadcasting, expanding the horizons of social interactions to an unimaginable level. . It is undeniable that online gaming has developed rapidly along with social media. With its artistically rendered virtual interaction, the ability to capture the persistent fantasies of young people, and with an excellent growth opportunity, the gaming industry has grown to new heights. In contrast to the times when the gaming industry only served a niche market, it now combines gaming and social communication in a different way than before, giving way to the emergence of the following new social media. Gone are the days when voice chat was a distant dream and when games were meant to be played effectively with bare text chatting or nothing at all. Unlike traditional single-player and non-social games, multiplayer games like Fortnite and game creation platform Roblox, go beyond the gaming environment with their highly social environments, encouraging collaboration, conversation, and real-world connections. Online games like Roblox, Minecraft, Animal Jam and many more contain not only missions that you can embark on together, but also rooms you can customize and characters you can become. With Discord gathering hundreds of millions of users using text and voice chat features to connect with gaming communities around the world, voice chat establishes its place at the core of the gaming experience.

These days, you probably don’t see a lot of your friends posting about their Farmville properties on Facebook anymore. As the smaller group has largely moved away from the platform to more eye-catching and smart smartphone platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, many of the popular games of the past years have faded into memory. However, that does not mean that the new generation of young phone-obsessed millennials and kids of Generation Z have given up on online gaming. Talk to any 12-year-old and you will find yourself obligated to discover a lot of information about their Fortnite character’s skin, their Minecraft dungeon, or the town of Animal Crossing, that does not mean that these viral games are limited to teenagers; Many adults regularly enjoy playing games like the ones mentioned.

In today’s digital age, games are more immersive, engaging and a viable way to connect and build community and with connectivity at home and on the go, players stay connected with their games and friends no matter when and where. Increasing innovations have allowed gamers to reveal more realistic and fully immersive simulations on screens and lenses, and with online social gaming now setting the standard, the world is just learning just how impactful games really can be. By enhancing online communication and sharing, a lot of current applications focus on connecting strangers and providing them with an opportunity to socialize; A platform to connect, listen and listen all the time you’re fighting. With interactive and interactive gameplay methods, the virtual world gives players a new brand and diverse community to participate, making it a fuller and more interactive online marketplace. After social media fell by the wayside, online gaming companies have now monopolized the interaction of social media groups. From giant Triple A titles to crowdfunded indie games, they all have much stronger and deeper communities, creating movements that transcend the gaming world. The rapid spread of digital platforms, the massive streaming phenomenon, the growing popularity and the exponential rise of esports have reinvented the gaming scene, and with the emergence of new types of games every now and then, new monetization models emerge.

With India being a hub for talent, along with the surge in digital adoption during the pandemic, and the availability of cheaper, faster and better internet quality, Indians have access to better games now than ever before. With over 300 million users, increased time spent and monetized, mobile gaming is said to triple to $5 billion in the market by 2025, and with the metaverse now breaking into the world, intersection of the same will be a purely ethereal experience.

The author is the CEO of WAFA – Voice Centric Platform. The opinions expressed are subjective.

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