SYNC PR, a leading PR and content marketing firm, has been named Best PR Agency for Startups of 2021 by the APAC Insider Business Awards.

Terng Shing Chen CEO and Founder of SYNC

Their client portfolio has exceeded 250 startups and companies in the past four years

While we don’t measure ourselves by awards, this reflects the team’s strong dedication to bridging the gap between PR and emerging industries and SMEs in Southeast Asia.”

– Terng Shing Chen

SINGAPORE, Jan 12, 2022 / – Leading PR agency SYNC PR has been named Best PR Agency for Startups in Southeast Asia at the 2021 APAC Insider Business Awards. This caps a strong year for the PR and content marketing firm that It has continued to expand and grow despite a slow recovery from the pandemic. The agency was selected from a competitive pool of public relations agencies in the region.

Terng Shing Chen, founder and CEO of SYNC, said: “While we don’t measure ourselves by awards, this reflects the team’s strong dedication to bridging the gap between the PR and the startup and SME industries in Southeast Asia. Despite the challenges we faced All together, the team has continued to focus on what is best for our customers and partners, which culminated in another award for the company.”

SYNC’s achievement can also be attributed to their bold approach to innovation and new PR methods, which have enabled them to remain relevant in the digital age and make PR more accessible to businesses. The agency has amassed a client base of more than 250 companies, and has built a strong repeat client list. The team also grew by 20% with the addition of new members to the team primarily in Singapore and Malaysia.

Despite the pandemic, SYNC has continued to show resilience with increased investment in the region. The agency is committed to constantly striving to advance and develop its capabilities, particularly with more companies now ready to partner with digital first teams and travel.

Building a comprehensive solution for startups

The Southeast Asian startup’s needs have evolved beyond “PR only” and in order to stay on the cutting edge of change, SYNC has invested its resources in expanding its products and services. This includes video production solutions aimed at businesses that require affordable production and editing of virtual content to connect with their communities. In addition, SYNC has also continued to innovate in its PR and content strategies to keep pace with the changing business landscape in Southeast Asia.

Terng also shared, “We have always prided ourselves on being at the fore, so expanding our services to expand content production and PR solutions is a no-brainer. Our goal is to solve real-world problems for relevant businesses and digital content is definitely an essential service for startups right now.”

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Founded in 2018, SYNC is a leading PR and content marketing agency in Southeast Asia focused on new communication standards to help brands scale and grow their businesses. Growth, resilience, measuring business goals, accountability and quality are the hallmarks of the SYNC brand and what it means to our customers. We help companies reach their true potential in the fastest and most effective way possible. The agency has teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, as well as a strong network in the rest of Southeast Asia.

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