BrokerCalls welcomes new Affiliate Account Manager to Pay for Marketing Performance

FORT Lauderdale, Jan. 19, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – FORT Lauderdale, Florida –

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – BrokerCalls, the leading pay-per-call (PPC) company, welcomes new affiliate account manager Zach Harrison. Zach’s role is to work with affiliates to get vetted qualified calls from various affiliate networks and publishers.

Zack, a recent graduate from Florida State University, worked through a local agency as a consultant physician before joining the BrokerCalls team.

Paying for Broker Call Marketing

His motivation has always been to help others in life and business and he believes that the work he can do as an Affiliate Account Manager will help bridge the gap between the client and the business, helping the company thrive and the clients meet their needs.

After growing up in Toronto, Canada, Zach took the opportunity to study at Florida State University. Upon completion of his degree, Zach moved to Fort Lauderdale where he felt his career path would flourish.

Zach specializes in the financial sectors where his tireless work ethic will be beneficial to BrokerCalls and its clients. He prides himself on his ability to build strong business relationships through excellent communication and hard work. Zach’s goal has always been to meet and exceed customer expectations.

“I am delighted to be part of this quality team here at BrokerCalls with real colleagues to work with,” said Zack. “My time here so far has been fantastic, and I really feel that I have built good relationships with everyone here. I am very excited about this new role, and I am eager to help the company exceed previous goals and continue its success”

BrokerCalls has welcomed Zach’s enthusiasm and feels strongly that his role in the company will lead to continued success and growth not only for BrokerCalls but their clients as well.

The thriving model that BrokerCalls has mastered is the ideal business solution for B2B and B2C campaigns. The quality of calls and leads they provide filters only the best leads so that their customers only deal with qualified leads in insurance, finance, travel, and home services.

The BrokerCalls affiliate network provides a range of high quality potential clients to the company’s clients in many competitive areas. With the addition of Zach Harrison to our already thriving affiliate management team, BrokerCalls is looking forward to another year of unprecedented growth.

BrokerCalls’ success depends on their reach as well as performance-based affiliate marketing and pay-per-call marketing campaigns. Essentially, BrokerCalls provides a goldmine of motivated leads who are paid based on performance rather than just volume, yielding positive return on investments time after time and putting control in the hands of the companies they serve.

The addition of Zach to the expanded team at BrokerCalls set the stage for another year of growth for the company, affiliate marketers and customers alike.


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