The pet industry continues its pioneering growth

Kansas City, Missouri. Pet food processors and processors, and companies that supply them with ingredients, packaging materials, and processing equipment, are ramping up their capabilities and operational footprints to meet growing demand.

Over the past year, many processors have experienced operational deficiencies caused by labor shortages, an economy-wide problem that also exacerbates downstream supply chain disruptions. As processors mitigate these challenges, many are investing in increased production capacity as a solution.

Below is our summary of announcements of new facilities, expansions and operating investments from September to December 2021.

in September, Goat Pet Products It announced a $15 million investment to expand production in Wisconsin. The company has stated that it will take several paths, including purchasing a 100,000-square-foot facility near its St. Francis headquarters that is expected to create 40 new jobs in the area over the next three years. Gott Pet Products, owned by Wixon, Inc. Also new manufacturing and packaging equipment to support expanded production.

March Pitcare In September, he shared plans to invest an additional $117 million to add two new production lines at a wet pet food manufacturing facility in Fort Smith, Ark. It came after a $145 million investment in the same facility was announced in January to help the company meet the growing demand for wet pet food. This latest investment will support the construction of a 47,000-square-foot warehouse and upgrades to existing equipment to increase plant capacity by more than 75%.

Transcontinental Packaging TC The ASTRA Center – which stands for Research in Art, Science, Technology and Application – opened in late September, which will facilitate the work of more than 20 engineers to tackle their clients’ packaging challenges and innovations. The 12,200-square-foot facility includes four state-of-the-art research and development laboratories, each with a specific focus area.

Soon after the ASTRA Center opened, the company also announced the completion of a $14 million expansion of its facilities in Ontario, California. The expansion included the addition of a three-layer extrusion line and the latest 10-color flexographic web press to expand the capabilities of TC Transcontinental Packaging’s Shrink & Extrusion Group.

On the first of October, Global Food and Ingredients Corporation (GFI) She shared that she acquired a pet food ingredient manufacturing facility in Bowden, Alberta, and through the acquisition, she established her fourth business: plant-based pet food ingredients. At its Bowden facility, GFI will manufacture ground red lentils, green lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, yellow peas and green peas specifically for use in pet food formulations. On October 29, the company tweeted that the facility is fully operational.

Simmons pet food In early October, it announced plans to add a 3-ounce canning capacity to its production network. The addition is part of the company’s three-year, $500 million investment plan to meet growing demand in the wet pet food business.

betdin It plans to expand its pet supplement processing plant in Harvard, Illinois with the support of its new owner, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). The expansion will add new equipment to facilitate capacity and packaging additions for many product formats, including puffs, soft handles and rotary formed products.

in the middle of october, Perfect Pet Food He opened a new warehouse in Visalia, California, a project led by Redwood Logistics. Redwood has provided comprehensive project management and support and has installed an advanced warehouse management system by Oracle, which will help Perfection Pet Foods streamline its supply chain operations.

Ownership of the poultry production complex in Laurel, Miss. From Wayne Farms LLC to Amic Farms, a subsidiary of OSI Group, in mid-October. Amic Farms, a leading producer of fresh and processed poultry products, has agreed to immediately acquire the complex from Wayne Farms, including live production, hatchery, feed mill, and manufacturing and production facilities located in Laurel.

Inside Universal Pure’s new DFW facility for high pressure processing equipment and cold chain solutions. (Source: Universal Pure)

Universal Pure He opened a new facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in late October to accommodate continued growth in the high pressure processing (HPP) space. The new DFW facility will allow the company to continue adding capacity and cold chain capabilities.

United Pet FeedThe acquisition of Teeling Petfood in late October included two Teeling Manufacturing plants in the Netherlands. As a result, United Petfood now operates 19 facilities in eight European countries.

nor nutrition, a manufacturer of animal feed additives based in France, has opened a new 26,910-square-foot (2,500-square-meter) plant in Chemille, which will manufacture plant extract ingredients for livestock feed, pet food and aquaculture producers for the domestic and international markets. The new fully automated facility quadruples Nor-Feed’s annual production, bringing total capacity to 50 million tons per year.

Diana Pet Food It has purchased a plot of land in Queretaro, Mexico, on which it will build a 36,597-square-foot plant to meet the growing demand for pet food palatability solutions, antioxidants, and functional ingredients in Mexico and Central America. The new facility, expected to become operational in 2024, will replace the company’s current location in Queretaro and will include environmentally friendly design and operational features.

In mid-November, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Cut the ribbon at its new animal feeding laboratory in Rolle, Switzerland, which will support the development of science-based feed additives to meet the needs of customers for pet food, aquaculture and livestock species worldwide.

ADM is cutting the tape at its new animal feeding lab in Rolle, SwitzerlandCompany leaders cut the ribbon at ADM’s new animal nutrition laboratory in Rolle, Switzerland. (Image courtesy of ADM)

Rocket It increased its pea protein production with the opening of a new 200,000-square-foot facility in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, in November. The plant has the capacity to process 125,000 tons of yellow peas annually, and is the largest pea protein plant in the world, according to Rocket.

worlds It announced mid-November that it would invest nearly €20 million in a pulp production plant (US$22.6 million) in Franschach, Austria to promote sustainability. Improvement plans will focus on implementing new equipment to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the company’s pulp processing operations, including the modernization and expansion of the fumigation plant.

also in november, Presto . products A groundbreaking ceremony was held for its expansion in Waupaka, Wisconsin, which will increase the size of the state-of-the-art re-closable packaging facility and add rail access to help the company meet growing production and demand. The expansion is scheduled to be completed in July 2022.

in late november, Scholar It shared plans to invest $75 million in Petsource by Scoular to produce premium freeze-dried pet food ingredients. This latest investment will add 70,000 square feet to the existing structure, effectively tripling production capacity and creating up to 80 new jobs in Seward, Neb. The expansion is expected to be completed in early 2023.

In early December, Scholar cut the bar at its Emerge™ facility, where it will produce concentrated barley protein for use in pet food and aquaculture feed. With this work and new ingredients, which will be produced through a patent-pending process developed by Montana Microbial Products, the company aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable, plant-based animal food ingredients.

Later in December, Scholar celebrated the opening of its new global headquarters. The move was taken in part to accommodate Scoular’s growth and create an “active collaborative workplace,” according to the company.

Diamond Pet Food It announced two major investments in December. The first was its acquisition of The . Company JM Smucker CompanyThe private dog food company was valued at approximately $33 billion, a deal that included a manufacturing facility in Frontenac, Kansas. The second announcement was a $200 million investment to build an entirely new facility in Rushville, Indiana. The Frontenac facility will continue to produce special dog food formulas as it did previously under Smocker’s management. Diamond will produce dry cable installations at its new facility in Rashville, which will span 700,000 square feet and add more than 170 new jobs to the area by 2023.

in the middle of December, printThe global distribution company for chemicals and ingredients, headquartered in Germany, has announced plans to expand its facility for animal feed and pet food ingredients in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland. The company will add a new product line and additional storage space to the existing site. The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

dsm food products partnership with Wood, a consulting and engineering firm, to modernize its carotenoid plant in Freeport, Texas. The contract includes several individual projects as part of a larger site-wide upgrade, such as civil and structural improvements, piping, electrical and fiber optics.

Buhler Group About its partnership with Agronutris In mid-December, through which Buehler will establish Agronutris’ first commercial facility for the production of black soldier fly components in Rethel, France. Buehler will equip the upcoming 16,000 square meter (172,222 square foot) facility with a full-scale solution to produce black soldier fly larvae protein for the pet food and aquaculture markets.

Buhler partners with Agronutris to provide large scale insect ingredient processing facility and solutionsAs part of the partnership, Bühler will design and equip a processing line to help Agronutris efficiently process the grown larvae into a high-quality protein meal and fat ingredients. (Photo courtesy of Buehler)

ICM, Inc., a supplier of process technology to the agriculture, feed and ethanol sectors, has partnered with Components of a sustainable summit To set up a wheat protein ingredient manufacturing plant in Phillipsburg, Kan. At this new state-of-the-art facility, Summit Sustainable Ingredients, a subsidiary of Summit Agricultural Group, will produce vital wheat gluten ingredients for use in pet food, food and specialty feed applications.

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