Brendan Tinley to guide Sportradar’s paid social advertising efforts

Brendan Tinley He is the new president of Sportradar for Social Ads Paid Advertising, a custom multi-channel marketing platform developed by the company. Tinnelly will lead a team of paid social media professionals to develop customer campaigns and leverage the capabilities of advertising to create compelling marketing messages.

His technical expertise will be appreciated given his extensive background in this private sector. Tinnelly has worked as part of the Facebook team for seven years, switching several roles over the years, including three years as director of customer solutions in the real money games division and then as director of product marketing for the company’s global games.

His role as part of the Facebook team has been instrumental in helping him understand how paid advertising and marketing campaigns can help bet on brands to reach a global audience and see a strong return on investment.

Sportradar CPO for Sports Entertainment Rainer Gear He welcomed the appointment and said Tinnelly’s senior role as part of the Facebook team made him a well-known face in the iGaming industry.

“We are delighted to have him join us as we continue to develop our advertising offering, which combines gaming proprietary technology and technology, with the best strategic and executive talent in the sector.”

Sportradar CPO for Sports Entertainment Rainer Gear

Tinley welcomed the appointment with equal enthusiasm and said he has witnessed the transformative impact paid social media can have on sports betting operations.

Sportradar pays more for paid advertising

His work as part of the Sportradar team and ad access will allow him to extend this experience and turn it into actionable solutions for brands.

“Through ad:s; leading betting-focused marketing solutions technology, Sportradar can help sports writers around the world generate strong ROI for their businesses by meaningfully increasing fan engagement.”

Sportradar Head of Paid Social Advertising Brendan Tinley

Sportradar has seen some recreation at the top with the latest appointment of Andrew Pimson as the company’s chief operating officer in North America. Sportradar similarly added Jim Brown, former managing director of the National Collegiate Athletic and Risk Management Authority, as the new head of Integrity and Harm Prevention Services in North America.

Sportradar remains committed to helping brands across a number of sectors who require actionable data from the sports world. Eliminating fraud from sports has been one of Sportradar’s primary business concerns.

Thanks to the company’s proprietary fraud monitoring technology, a lot of progress has been made in this field over the past years.

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