Stacy Keibler’s Career Told In Photos, Through The Years

The wrestling tenure of Stacy Keibler saw her accomplishing a lot in a short time. Keibler having stints in both WCW and WWE created dozens of great memories for the wrestling fans. The decision to enter the wrestling business worked out since she got over due to her look and natural charisma.

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Stacy found a few different roles from managing to romantic angles to having matches all in the name of entertainment. Few performers received crowd ovations as big as Keibler since she clearly connected with the audience. A choice to leave wrestling in her prime ended things abruptly, but the journey created a legacy. The following pictures tell the story of Stacy’s time in wrestling.

10 Nitro Girls Debut

Nitro Girls

The start of Stacy Keibler in the wrestling business came during a WCW contest to add a new member of the Nitro Girls. Keibler discovered it when watching and attending wrestling shows with her boyfriend and won the entire contest.

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WCW utilized the Nitro Girls as a way to keep things fresh by having a dance team perform in between matches like cheerleaders in other sports. Stacy spent a few months as part of the Nitro Girls before WCW moved to other plans.

9 Miss Hancock

Miss Hancock

One rare positive from Vince Russo’s time running WCW was that he added more female characters as WCW always struggled with that. Multiple Nitro Girls moved into new roles, but none of them found as much success as Stacy Keibler.

The new character of Miss Hancock was introduced as a representative for the standards and practices team of Turner. WCW was getting censored, so they came up with a character played by Keibler to end up dancing and taking her clothes off to further push the envelope. Stacy showed a lot of charisma to become a rising star in WCW’s final year.


8 Getting Over In The Invasion

Stacy Keibler Shane McMahon

Stacy Keibler joined WCW towards the end of the road when the company couldn’t turn things around. WWE buying WCW led to Stacy being one of the few female performers to remain under contract and get a chance with the new setting.

The Invasion angle showed Keibler having a huge role when showing up with Shane McMahon to cause distractions. Stacy also teamed with Torrie Wilson in a noteworthy feud against Trish Stratus and Lita to get both WCW women over.

7 Managing The Dudley Boyz

Dudley Boyz Stacy Keibler

The end of the Invasion angle moving into the traditional WWE world saw Stacy Keibler finding a new role. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley added Stacy as their manager when all three were heels and the Dudley Boyz needed someone to offset Lita against the Hardy Boyz.

Keibler did a good job as the manager of the Dudley Boyz to add to the act with changes in her outfits and mannerisms. The run didn’t last too long as WWE liked to keep Bubba Ray and D-Von as a duo, but the act worked for all three names.

6 Vince McMahon’s Assistant

Stacy Keibler Vince McMahon

Another big storyline for Stacy Keibler came when she won a contest to become Vince McMahon’s personal assistant. The move was just an excuse to find new ways to highlight Keibler on television in noteworthy segments.

Stacy failing to get along with SmackDown General Manager Stephanie McMahon paid off when it was revealed she was a mole for Eric Bischoff and Raw. Vince being removed from television allowed this change after she initially got the role for comedic segments with him as the boss.

5 Relationship With Test

Test Stacy Keibler

WWE had high hopes for Test for many years, but it never worked out. Test adding Stacy Keibler as his manager and marketing consultant did help his face run for a few months. Stacy coming up with comedic ways to market Test became a fun part of the show.

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However, it would lead towards a bigger character change when Test started to show his jealous side for a heel turn. Keibler being forced to manage Test as part of the storyline contract added sympathy to her as arguably the most over female face character.

4 Managing Scott Steiner

Stacy Keibler Scott Steiner

The WWE run of Scott Steiner flopped from the first feud with Triple H and led to the company trying to find a mid-card role for him. Steiner feuding with Test saw him winning the managerial services of Stacy Keibler as a face act.

WWE didn’t run this angle too long as Test won Stacy back and forced her to be his manager again. Steiner eventually turned heel to align with Test as both became terrible heels in a tag team making Keibler’s life miserable.

3 Superhero

Stacy Keibler Superhero

The end of the Scott Steiner and Test angle led to Stacy Keibler trying to find a new role. WWE did have Keibler wrestling, but she never won the Women’s Championship due to the lack of in-ring skills and comfort as a competitor.

Stacy moved into a new managing role by playing a superhero character with The Hurricane and Rosey. WWE put the Tag Team Championship on the duo partially due to the popularity of Keibler joining them as a manager.

2 Phasing Out Of WWE

Stacy Keibler Jillian Hall

The final run of Stacy Keibler in WWE saw her moving to SmackDown and entering a small feud with heel Jillian Hall. However, an opportunity to compete on the Dancing with the Stars reality show improved the celebrity and fame of Keibler.

WWE saw Stacy opting to leave the wrestling business and retire in 2006 to chase her career acting in Hollywood. Keibler did quickly receive some noteworthy gigs The George Lopez Show, Chuck and a few other shows, but she never reached greater fame than her WWE days.

1 Returning For Torrie Wilson’s Induction

Stacy Keibler Hall Of Fame

WWE has rarely seen Stacy Keibler return like most other legends since she enjoys her life away from the business. That made it more surprising when Stacy made a shocking unadvertised appearance at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame event.

Torrie Wilson getting inducted saw her reaching out to the best friend she made in the business. Keibler may not care as much about getting in the spotlight again, but a return was worth it to help add to Torrie’s big night honoring her career. Time will tell if Stacy ever accepts her own induction into the HOF.

Stacy Keibler
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