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MGMT 6100: Managing People & Organizations

This course examines the principles of organizational behavior involved in managing people and organizations in a business environment. Topics include leadership, motivation, effective teams, conflict and negotiations, power and influence, organizational culture, and change management. This course focuses on the practical application of these principles in a meaningful and ethical manner. FIXED FIRST COURSE FOR ALL MBA STUDENTS.

MGMT 6140: Operations & Supply Chain Management

The management of operations and supply chain, including such topics as competitive strategy, product and service design, quality management, process improvements, supply chain management, work design management, logistics, and selected areas of operations research.

MGMT 6150: Leadership

The purpose of the course is to enable students to prepare themselves to become leaders of organizations and to embark on paths of personal leadership development. The course requires personal curiosity and reflection from students as well as personal openness and sharing in class discussions. Leadership development concepts used in the course will be immediately applicable for students and useful for the rest of their lives.

ACCT 6100: Advanced Managerial Accounting

This course reviews the development and use of management accounting information systems in planning and control activities. Using case studies of actual companies, its focus is on new management accounting practices adopted by the innovative companies around the world.

ECON 6200: Managerial Economics

Application of microeconomic principles to business management and strategy. Includes fundamental topics in microeconomic theory, industrial organization, and organizational economics. Uses business case analysis.

FIN 6100: Managerial Finance

This course examines the capital budgeting process, including estimating the cost of capital and cash flows, correct application of decision rules, and ways of analyzing and dealing with uncertainty in your forecasts. It also discusses key topics in financial management, such as optimal leverage, raising capital for the firm, and equity payout policies.

MKTG 6200: Marketing

This course focuses on reinforcing, extending, and applying marketing concepts, principles, and techniques through readings, case studies, and secondary research.

MGMT 6400: Strategy

This course is the capstone course for the MBA, and as such, it will integrate the methods and tools developed in the curriculum to solve the strategic positioning and management issues of the organization. This course is usually taken in the student’s final semester.

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