Sponsoreds PPC Audit tool Launches for Amazon traders


Sponsoreds announces the new PPC Audit tool to help Amazon users discover possibilities for optimizing ad campaigns on Amazon. The PPC Audit Tool is an AI-based instrument allowing users to review the performance of each ad campaign.. In addition, the tool lets users get insight into their chosen keywords or PTs, overall Semantic Core quality, targeting research capabilities, and brand defense /attack measures.

Sponsoreds’ PPC Audit Tool tools give a 34% average increase in ACoS, 32% increase in CTR and 27% increase in revenue. Sponsoreds software has optimized $120M of Amazon revenue, and more than 2 million users have already tried Sponsoreds products.

The PPC Audit helps users increase the effectiveness of their ad campaigns:

  • compiles all the data on the user’s Amazon PPC campaigns into an easy to read report, presented in an analytical table formatwith searching, filtering, and sorting features to help go through all insights;
  • provides the user with detailed explanations Each insight or advertising mistake is provided with detailed information on why and how they can improve or fix it;
  • centrally located audit reports are kept indefinitelyso the user can go through them whenever ready;
  • provides a thorough analysis of user’s PPC Advertising on product basis;
  • Facilitates decision-making — and all of it for free.

Users of the PPC Audit Tool are able to save time and significantly improve performance via automated analysis. The data shows as much.

Users pair PPC ad campaigns and their launch and optimization Sponsoreds tools

The PPC Ad Tool pairs with Sponsoreds other software to help users start a new campaign from scratch and optimize it: Zero-to-Hero (ZTH) and PPC Automation & Analytics tools.

The ZTH tool better suits newcomers. It allows the users to create highly effective ad campaigns, regardless of their skill level. To set up this tool, all one has to do can be summarized in 3 steps. Firstly, choose a product and define the desired metrics. Secondly, determine at least three seed keywords and enter the campaign’s daily budget and timeframe. Finally, the tool will advise the user on potential bidding strategies which better align with their target goals. That is it. It’s that simple to set up! As a result, a tool for analyzing the newly created campaign and its performance may be required. That’s where the PPC Audit comes in handy.

PPC Audit tool only highlights the issues with the campaign in question. However, the user should wish to optimize it automatically, then they would use Sponsoreds’ PPC Automation & Analytics tool.

PPC Automation & Analytics tool uses proprietary machine learning and algorithm-regulated software. It helps users pick good keywords for a PPC campaign, greatly facilitating their lives. Not only does it do that, but it can test new keywords for new active campaigns enabling much better performance. The inbuild analytical tool provides the user with extensive info on ad campaigns with an intuitive and easy-to-understand metrics system.

Unlike PPC managers, the Automation tool is always on standby to act. It takes multiple metrics into account before making any decisions. Whether it is a significant jump in ACoS due to a competitor’s aggressive advertising or a subtle shift in a number of organic sales due to better BSR – this software will notice these changes and suggest appropriate countermeasures. Its user-friendly design also makes it easy to use and navigate through. The user will receive every vital piece of information!

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How much time is usually spent manually managing ad campaigns? As a rule, it takes a lot, too much even. However, it can be much easier if the traders know of any software solutions aimed at automating the analysis of their ad campaigns. Let’s discuss one of these solutions — the Sponsoreds PPC Audit tool.

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