These are the highest paid media jobs in 2022

Partner contentWhich roles in media have the best salaries?

Everyone wants to find a job that they love, a career that makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning, and actually look forward to team meetings.

We all want to work with nice colleagues, have a decent office and be involved in fun and inspiring projects. For lots of people, the media industry ticks all of those boxes.

It’s an exciting and creative sector to be involved in. But when it comes to finding a role, having a good salary is still the number one thing that candidates are searching for.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the highest paid media jobs in 2022 according to the Indeed salary calculator.

Developer, £42,389

Web developers are in high demand in the media industry. In their day-to-day role they will be responsible for maintaining websites for digital newspapers, creating downloadable magazines or even updating apps. They will also be tasked with removing bugs and making sure that customers can easily access their favorite publications.

To succeed in this role, you will need a variety of soft and hard skills including HTML/CSS, Javascript, responsive design and SEO.

Art Director, £44,045

Art directors design visual concepts for promotions and products. They may work in print, online, television, and lots of other media. Depending on their industry, art directors may have previously worked as graphic designers, photographers, or illustrators.

To succeed in this job, you must be able to communicate well and manage a team of artists, as well as having proficiency in relevant design software. It’s a highly creative and often competitive role so lots of experience is required.

Content Strategist, £47,737

As the name suggests, content strategists are in charge of creating and implementing a content plan for various different media companies. This can include things like style content audits, maintaining editorial calendars and writing guides

Content strategists may also be responsible for managing other employees and freelancers, maintaining budgets, and assisting with the technical integration of content.

Digital Marketing Specialist, £48,261

In this digital age, marketing specialists are more important than ever before, especially for media brands and publications.

They’re responsible for creating a marketing strategy, a brand image, and an online presence. They will also work closely with the wider marketing team to create engaging content that is in line with their organisation’s target audience.

Senior Producer, £52,080

The job duties of a senior producer include managing all aspects of film, TV production, or other multimedia projects. They have to look after things like budget, staffing and talent, scripting, and the logistics of the production.

Producers tend to be all-rounders so they need a lot of different skills such as excellent communication, attention to detail and flexibility. Overall, they need to be very organized to keep on top of the various different elements that go into a production.

Account Director, £54,120

Next up we have account directors. Their job is to act as a link between the client and the wider agency team. Their role is two-sided, they have to be a salesperson for the agency while also acting as the client’s representative too. As a result, account directors have to love working with people and thrive in busy environments.

Account directors have usually cut their teeth as account executives or assistants and worked their way up the ranks. It’s a really exciting job that can include working on fun activations, social media campaigns or even TV ads. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored.

Communications Director, £67,095

Communications directors control information between a brand and its customers. They not only manage a team to provide timely responses but also oversee the company’s marketing strategy. It’s a varied job that will require working with lots of different departments.

Most employers will be searching for at least a bachelors in a relevant field (PR or Journalism) as well as excellent management, communication and networking skills.

Client Director, £67,391

In a nutshell, client directors ensure that customers are happy with their company’s products or services. In the media industry, this will usually mean making sure that they are satisfied with their ads, sponsored content and ROI.

To do this job well, you need to have lots of different skills such as customer service and marketing. On a day-to-day basis, they will be communicating with customers to answer their questions, manage conflicts and collect feedback.

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Rebecca O’Keeffe is content manager at Mediatel Jobs’ partner Jobbio

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