Top 5 Tips to Create Email Marketing Pitches that can Impact Bottom-line Positively

Email marketing is one of the widely used effective, versatile, and flexible options in the marketing regime of businesses that are guaranteed to deliver outstanding results. It is an easily accessible service of high value that can generate greater ROI combined with your product and service offerings.

Email marketing can help brands acquire new customers, build brand loyalists, and increase sales and revenue, either alone or together with other advertising and marketing strategies.

Email marketing pitch – the creative proposal!

An email marketing pitch is how an email marketing firm proposes its email marketing campaign ideas to brands and businesses to help them promote their products and services.

An email marketing pitch should reflect the firm’s overall strategy in a creative way. It should clearly state how their email marketing initiatives will help clients take their message to their audience, thereby achieving their goals successfully.

When making an email marketing pitch, you need to consider the fact that email ROI is an important factor. By expressing how much ROI you can bring in, you can convince brand owners to keep your email marketing services indispensable in their larger marketing strategy. High-value email marketing pitches help you retain your existing clients and impress potential clients.

This article presents you with the top 5 tips to create email marketing pitches that can positively impact your clients’ bottom line.

Present statistics as proof of results:

The most attractive fact about email marketing is that it works, works great indeed. It delivers wonderful business results, that too at an incredibly lower cost than other conventional marketing methods in practice today.

Some important points that you can highlight in your email marketing pitch are:

  • An email is a direct communication channel through which you can get closer to your customers. It does not require your customer to see a print advertisement. It does not require your customers to visit your website either. Emails offer true 1:1 customer engagement.
  • Personalize emails according to the specific interests of a particular customer as tailored messages are more effective than a generic brochure.
  • Sending emails is not like throwing messages to the world into the air. They are directed to targeted customers, and you spend money only when you send them to your subscribers.
  • Email marketing is easily scalable. You can reach out to just a handful of recipients with it. Or you can send emails to millions as your business grows and the scope widens.
  • Statistics say that email marketing returns about $42 as ROI for every one dollar spent on it. This incredible ratio alone is enough to lure your clients to go for email marketing in full swing.

As a smart, targeted email marketing services provider, you need to record your success stories of delivered results. You need to build case studies and use them wisely as your prime marketing collateral.

Track email marketing results consistently:

Tracking your email marketing results and connecting them with the specific campaigns will help to make your email meeting pitch attractive and tempting.

It is a common handicap for most marketing activities that the results cannot be directly attributed to them. It isn’t easy to find out which works and which doesn’t.

But, with the help software, it is easy to identify exactly what works in an email marketing campaign. You can provide your clients with in-depth and detailed reports about key email marketing performance metrics.

Such analytics and reporting help you find campaign pitfalls, and you can refine and tweak your emails accordingly. All these are quick, easy, and highly cost-effective. Timely campaign modifications enhance outcomes and save a lot of time and money for your clients.

Email marketing testing ensures a systematic approach towards campaign optimization, and this aspect needs to be highlighted in your email marketing pitch to convince your clients.

Manage emails effectively:

You can offer automated processes to your clients to facilitate easy and effective management. It will help deal with tedious unsubscribes and email bounces. The time saved thus can be used to focus on innovative and creative aspects of the business.

If your clients start email marketing, you can suggest intuitive email platforms that feature ready-to-use email templates with an easy-to-use friendly interface.

Focus on email marketing flexibility:

Low-risk ideas that offer high rewards in less time will surely attract new clients to email marketing.

Below tips will help you in this regard:

  • Approach frequent buyers with special discounted prices.
  • Sending customer testimonials to other prospects.
  • Can reconnect with customers who are not in contact recently.
  • Can try out order confirmation emails and welcome email series.
  • Inform customers about discounts and sale deals.

Your clients can get excited with the above possibilities. Such interesting possibilities are just endless with email marketing.

Impress your clients with a working example

Sample email design will drive home the point effectively. Showing an active email will be more convincing than slideshows and revenue graphs.

The tips presented here will convince your clients to embrace email marketing if they have not done so already. They help them refocus on their existing email marketing campaigns to drive maximum benefits.

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