“Elad Kanfi Delivers Expert International Business Consulting With A Keen Eye For Online Services”

(Photo: Elad Kanfi)

It is hard to believe that Polly 360 was born in a Ford 1993 van in 2017, but Elad Kanfi and his business partners wear that it’s true. Today, the company spans over 1,000 clients across Australia and Southern California and has set a goal of opening yet another branch in the States. What exactly sets them apart from other business consulting firms? Everything.

It all starts with Kanfi, an exceptional entrepreneur and gifted lawyer who specializes in international business consulting. The company he co-founded offers both marketing and online business services – we’re talking 360° Google virtual tours, and bespoke services that will truly make an impact. As the company was first growing, clients were looking for a person well versed in investment, law, and business development in the US. Elad was the obvious choice thanks to his legal background, firsthand experience of starting and running a successful business, and a very impressive network in the US that he developed while working for an international non-profit student organization.

Elad Kanfi earned his law degree from the University of Haifa, finishing off his LLM in International Law and Start-Ups at the University of Miami on a full scholarship. The entrepreneur’s humble beginnings are part of the motivation for his focus on growth and his consistent desire to help others through mentoring and guidance.

In 2017, Kanfi decided to jump head first into the world of startups and founded Polly 360, which became the second largest Australia-based virtual tour agency within just six months. The business quickly signed over 500 clients all across the country and expanded to include other digital marketing services on top of their virtual tours, such as consulting, social media management, SEO products, and web development. After such renowned success, Kanfi decided to take his business to LA where he opened a second company called Enso 360, and he soon plans to open yet another branch in San Diego.

Kanfi was keen to generate some interest amongst the college community about entrepreneurship and business, so he decided to partner up with a local non-profit community center. Through this work he helped to provide the means and opportunities for students to jumpstart their professional careers and become innovative thought leaders with a strong business foundation. He works intimately with the leaders of five different student organizations and runs events and programs reaching over 100 students per week.

Kanfi takes pride in the fact that he is able to create sustainable methods that will be able to drive economic growth and success, especially in today’s fast-paced and digitized economy. The four years that he spent in the IDF’s military investigation and intelligence unit gave him an edge over other business consultants who haven’t had the same experience of rapid analytical and critical thinking and having to deal with sharp strategic placements under pressure. Furthermore, his law experience from the Israeli Ministry of Justice is also beneficial in the way that he is able to understand and meet international law requirements when drafting agreements – another key skill set that helps him to stand out in the industry.

Stemming from the desire to work while traveling the world, Kanfi utilized his extraordinary abilities and knowledge in business to carve out his own path. He is passionate about helping his clients to break into incredibly unique markets in order to meet unique customer needs. In a time when digital presence can make or break a business, Kanfi offers his clients the support they need to find success.

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