Naor Native: The Young Entrepreneur Who’s Making Waves In Digital Marketing

(Photo: Naor Nativ)

Do you not dream of leading a luxurious life? You may want to live in a humongous villa, wear expensive clothes and watches, ride in the best cars, and go to different countries for vacations. Even Naor Nativ had such dreams when he was a child living in the wee streets of Haifa, Israel. He loved to stare at expensive watches and cars and hoped that one day he would also have them. His persistence in making his dreams come true ultimately made him a successful business owner. He is now the owner of a couple of franchises and a Digital Agency:

  • Home Improvement

  • Local Services

  • OVO Digital Agency

Inspiring young minds

Born on the 9th of October 1994, Naor Nativ didn’t come from a rich family. He was just a humble guy in the neighborhood who would sit quietly among his friends and observe everyone.

One time he said, “I didn’t speak much when I was small because I was an introvert. I think this was primarily because of my massive ambitions from life. Every time I thought of sharing my dreams with others, I felt that they would ridicule me. I wasn’t as confident about my progress back then as I am now. Today, I can confidently say that even if one business venture doesn’t go as planned, I will recover from it and make plans to recover the loss.”

This never-say-die attitude is what keeps Naor going. In fact, the young entrepreneurs who witness the growth of Naor believe that even they can achieve similar heights if they can follow in his footsteps. Naor has one thing to say to his followers, “Always dream big in life. If you see small dreams, you won’t force yourself to achieve big things. Everyone deserves to lead a luxurious and comfortable life, but it’s how you work towards that dream that matters. If you are persistent enough and keep working hard, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.”

Moving into the digital technology industry

After his experience in setting up successful franchises in Home Improvement and Local Services, it was time for Naor explore something new. This time, he wants young app developers to come up with applications that would make business dealings easier for new entrepreneurs. In fact, his helping attitude is the reason why he started his digital marketing company in the first place,

Naor is now focused on a team that provides unique digital marketing ideas to his clients. He said, “I am always looking for new adventures. I don’t back away from challenges. Do I feel nervous about this IT project and my digital marketing company? Of course! And I think being a little nervous is always a good thing Otherwise, you may become overconfident. I have great faith on my team and I’m hoping that they won’t let me down.”

Naor is now so successful that he can buy whatever he wants. Life is coming to a full circle for him. He can now afford all the things that he had wanted in his childhood. If you also want to make your dreams come true, you should be relentless in your approach. You should not stop working hard unless you achieve your goal.

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