Why more and more brands are putting their marketing in the hands of creators

Would you put your brand into the hands of a complete stranger? For a rapidly increasing number of Australian marketers, the answer is yes.

Modern marketers need to produce ever-greater volumes of content to reach fragmented audiences and do so in a meaningful way. This challenge sits alongside the ongoing requirement for mass-market brand campaigns, but it is a challenge mass-market production models are ill-suited to meet.

It is, however, a task that appears tailor-made for the thousands of independent content creators who have emerged across Australia in the past decade, promising fresh ideas with rapid turnaround times. And better yet, many of them also bring loyal audiences of their own.

Jules Lund has spent the better part of a decade connecting more than 6000 brands in Australia, the US and UK to independent creators, and has watched as what began as influencer marketing evolved into a highly regarded mechanism for solving some of marketing’s biggest challenges. He now runs influencer marketing agency, Tribe.

“Marketers have this unbelievable need for branded pics and clips at a variety and volume they have never quite satisfied,” Lund says. “What creators do is they fill that gap.”

Several of Australia’s most iconic brands are now engaging external creators, including Coles, which is using them to fill a gap between their existing mass media and ambassador campaigns and owned social channels. According to Coles senior marketing manager, Stephanie Oh, using creators brings more diversity into the supermarket giant’s content.

This has proven helpful with Coles’ What’s for Dinner campaign, which relaunched in February featuring several creators: Rebecca Harding, Flex Mami, Jeff Van De Zandt and Coles ambassador, Brent Draper.

“The type of content creators we are using are not known for being good cooks – their content is much more in the entertainment space or in lifestyle content,” Oh tells CMO. “We wanted to show how relatable it is, that everybody has this problem of finding inspiration for what to cook on a weeknight. Content creators seemed the perfect solution.”

Oh says Coles’ plan is to use creators to connect with audiences on a range of topics, from new products to store innovations.


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