Fans of Virat Kohli abuse Parthiv Patel on social media: Details

On Sunday (March 27), former professional cricketer Parthiv Patel was targeted and abused by fans of Virat Kohli on social media after he revealed an 8-year-old conversation between him and the former Indian captain.

While speaking to Cricbuzz, Patel informed that Kohli did not think of Jasprit Bumrah as a highly-skilled bowler during the 2014 IPL Season. He remarked, “In 2014, when I was at RCB, I told Kohli there’s this bowler named Bumrah. Have a look at him.”

Parthiv Patel, who had seen Bumrah evolve as the captain of the Gujarat Ranji Trophy Team, had pitched his name to Kohli. According to him, the Indian skipper who was leading the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) then had said, “Chhor na yaar. Ye Bumrah-Vumrah kya karenge? (Leave it. What will such players do?)”

Fans of Virat Kohli abuse the former wicketkeeper

After his revelation of an 8-year-old dressing room conversation, fans of Virat Kohli started hurling abuses at the former cricketer for portraying the ex-Indian skipper in a poor light. They accused Parthiv Patel of driving a wedge between Kohli and Bumrah and divulging private conversations on social media for ‘cheap attention.’

One Twitter user (@EightyTwoNotOut) wrote, “Parthiv patel chut*iya hai. Idk at what extent this is true. One thing you can’t leak dressing room things-Bumrah wasn’t successful at that time…Kohli knew who is Burmah because he got Kohli’s wicket in 2013 itself. So his statements not adding up! Shame attention Ke liye kuch bhi (anything to gain attention).”

Screengrab of the tweet

Another Kohli fan labeled Patel a ‘douchebag’ and tweeted, “Revealing private conversation you once have with a teammate to public. God knows if he even tells the truth, even if it’s true selling your integrity for some attention. What a jealous bit*h.”

Screengrab of the tweet

Another fan of Virat Kohli went on to dub the former wicketkeeper as an ‘as*hole.’

Screengrab of the tweet

One Twitter user referred to Patel as a ‘midget (liliput)’ and slammed him for supposedly ruining the best innings of former Indian captain MS Dhoni.

Screengrab of the tweet

One Twitter user wrote, “Neem ka patta kadwa hai Parthiv Patel bhad*a hai… Ya accha lag raha.

Screengrab of the tweet

Another Kohli fan dubbed Patel as a ‘gan*u’ and claimed that he was the worst retention in RCB for several years.

Screengrab of the tweet

Parthiv Patel responds to the social media trolling

After being abused by Kohli fans, Parthiv Patel responded by reiterating that truth is bitter. ‘Neem leaves and truth are both bitter,’ he rebuked the toxic trolls on social media.

Screengrab of the tweet by Parthiv Patel

As per his Cricbuzz profile, Parthiv Patel played 25 tests and 39 ODIs for India and went on to score 934 and 736 runs respectively. He made his debut in 2002 and dawned the Indian jersey for the last time in 2018. In December 2020, he had announced his retirement from all formats of the game.

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