Karyn Owens realizes dreams with New View Farm in Fallston

Karyn Owens has loved the outdoors ever since she was a little girl. In a childhood photo, she is pictured playing with a bright red toy barn, a tiny plastic farmer on a tractor at her feet. Maybe she didn’t know it then, but it turned out to be an omen of things to come. Always drawn to animals and nature, she is now a farmer, running nine acres on the outskirts of Fallston.

Last year, her long-standing dream of owning her own farm came true, and she moved more than 400 miles away from her Maryland home and onto her own land. In the male-dominated agricultural profession, she is an anomaly, even more so as a female pork farmer. On New View Farm, she raises and breeds Kunekunes, a New Zealand pig, for pork along with heritage turkeys and sells eggs from her free range chickens.

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