Meet Sibi Paul, Who Helps Celebrities To Convert Their Fans Into Money

It’s not an industrial age to wait for a lifetime to see a fortune. We’ve plenty of examples of people who become celebrities overnight.

Things that are common in all of them are viral content or digitalization of their skill. People who touched massive audience emotions become celebrities overnight.
But almost all of them failed to convert their fans into money.

Majority of the celebrities having millions of fans and followers are still struggling to make money online. They know how to handle a massive audience, and control their emotions, but unfortunately those celebrities are not making enough money out of these skills.

Recently, we had an interview with Sibi Paul, the man who helps individuals, business people, and celebrities to succeed in the digital world. His cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and entrepreneurial acumen have made him a prominent name in the modern digital marketplace. And today, Sibi Paul is sharing his top five core points among many that he uses to help celebrities to convert their fans into money.

Be/Build your own brand and products

The powerful, sustainable, and futuristic method to make money is to become a brand or build your brand and products unless you are selling the products of others. Nobody can stop you from earning money if the brand is yours. So always create your brand and invest in yourself to reap the maximum as you are your boss when promoting your brand.

Sibi Paul gives an example of his client; further describing the same, he says, “ I have a client from South India, he is a wellness coach. He connected with me to reach more people online. He followed my content strategies, after six months, he got 100K followers organically. Now he has 300K followers and makes 5 Lakhs per month as profit by selling own brand wellness products to his audience.

The fun fact is, we haven’t paid any money for advertisements yet. That’s the power of our content strategies”.

Sibi continued with more examples of famous celebrities who converted their fans into money: Kylie Jenner and her brand Kylie Cosmetics, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and his energy drinks brand ZOA.

Indirect marketing strategies to influence the audience

There are a lot of companies that avoid direct marketing because people have Ad Blindness, which means if you are reading something online, you tend to click the advertisement. The business strategist Sibi Paul found a method to deliver Ad Blindness to the target audience without even knowing that they watched the ad. He makes sure that he is strategizing content so that the products are inculcated so that it remains in the audience’s subconscious mind.

Sibi Paul explained another example, saying, “She is a popular culinary expert in Kerala. She was working with a TV Channel and struggling to get the pay check from them for a long time. Fortunately we are connected online, and I helped her to develop an online presence. Now she has almost 2 Million followers. That’s not a big deal here, because people know her already through the TV Shows… The real fun is now she’s making almost 15 lakhs every month.

I help her to tie up with brands, now they pay money to display their products somewhere in her videos. Normally we show kitchen equipment or household items while she is cooking. The product is displayed without describing it. The audience can identify products and brands that the culinary queen is using. We’re not mentioning about a brand or product in any part of the video, but strategically we show those brands in the entire video so that it’s pasted into their subconscious mind.”

Sibi smiled and continued:

“People are skipping YouTube’s Ads to see our Ads on YouTube”.

Marketing partnership & collaborations

Any influencer or celebrities can tie up with brands and join their campaigns to promote their products and earn money. Some brands seek help from influencers in the same industry to grow themselves. For example, Some companies launch a new product, so to promote that, they can seek influencers to promote the launch video on their platform to reach more people and pay in exchange for that.

Affiliate marketing

Influencers can also be a great addition to the affiliate marketing programs of businesses. Influencer affiliates can leverage their social media presence to promote a brand in exchange for a commission on sales, lead signups, or clicks. They can easily welcome the brands and join the affiliate marketing bandwagon to monetize their following base. In this type of promotion, an influencer promotes a product or service and is compensated with a percentage of sales made through their affiliate link.

Affiliates get recurring payments according to sales and leads convert to the exact link. The promoter or celebrity promotes a product or service, then they can track how many sales are generated from the exact link and pay accordingly to the sales count.

For example, many celebrities post Amazon-affiliate links in their video description and get paid.

Monetization of content

Some companies allow the public to contribute engaging content to their platform and share some percentage of the revenue with content contributors. Companies like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch are paying rewards to content contributors.

When a YouTuber uploads videos, they show some ads across the content, such as skippable video ads or banners. YouTube pays 55% percentage of the ad revenue to the content creators.

Besides using YouTube channels for sponsored posts and brand collaborations, influencers can also generate cash flow from Facebook Instream Ads, and Instant Article. Also earn money from social media platforms such as Snapchat, Tik Tok, Spotify and Many more.

Who is Sibi Paul?
Sibi Paul is a man who has helped many businesses and celebrities to make a fortune online. Through a very strategic and sincere content contribution, his clients got the best results they could have ever had.

Sibi Paul helped celebrities to create trends and convert their fans into money. Until then, they were following the trends.

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