How to use email marketing to retain and upsell clients

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that yields high ROI for business owners who are able to maximize its effectiveness. Infact, according to a Litmus report, email marketing generates $36 for every $1 spent. No other digital marketing channel has the potential for a return as this. Email marketing, when used well, is a great tool for businesses to retain and upsell its clients. Several reports, such as the one by the Harvard Business Review has proven it is way more cost effective to retain and upsell the clients of a business than it is to get new clients.

Clients can be retained using diverse email marketing strategies, one key method is the use of email newsletters. Newsletters are regularly sent out email content that are educative, helpful, relevant and valuable to a client. Newsletters helps to build trust, and keep a business top of mind amongst its clients. Newsletters are designed to engage users as opposed to a medium for direct sales.

Businesses should have a preset series of customer loyalty emails. These can include:

Client onboarding email: One proven way to retain clients is by giving them a great onboarding experience. This can also be achieved by sending a series of welcome emails to a business newly acquired clients.

Thank you email: These are emails sent to a customer after making a purchase with a brand.

The friendly reminder: These are emails sent to clients to remind them of a company event or a notification of a new feature or features to be taken down, etc

Customer loyalty emails, such as these listed above, all help to sustain and retain the interest of clients in a company’s product.

Email marketing can be used to send re-engagement emails. These are emails sent out to clients who have not engaged with the brand for a while. Emails like this are meant to aid kick back these clients to become active again with the brand.

As the interest and loyalty of clients have been sustained using some of the above listed email strategies, emails equally present a good opportunity for upselling clients. Upsell emails can be sent before a purchase that is once a customer adds a product to cart, or after the product purchase has been made. It can as well be sent when a client reaches a certain milestone, gets to the end of a free trial, or after the launch of a new product. Upsell emails should be catchy, have a sense of urgency, it should be easy to understand, and have clear benefits for the clients.

Email marketing as a client upsell mechanism, can be used to send exclusive offers to clients. These offers can be sent based on the clients interactions with the brand in the past. Offers can be sent based on the type of products they have bought in the past. This exclusive offer mails can also be sent during special occasions and periods. This is to say, businesses can use email marketing to upsell clients during times such as festive seasons, products bought in a particular time period, example, coats in winter, etc.

Seeing that it is way easier and cheaper to retain and upsell clients more than it is to acquire new ones, email marketing is a powerful client retention and upsell tool when used well by brands and companies.

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