How to Use Google My Business Messaging

…And stand out in your local market

Thanks to the Google My Business (GMB) messaging tool, you can now communicate with users in real-time as they interact with your GMB listing.

The possibilities are endless for individuals that can successfully integrate this additional management tool into their small business marketing strategy.

We already know how important an accurate and up-to-date GMB page is for local search engine optimization. GMB messaging can take this to a whole new level — no more missed calls, emails accidentally going to spam, or lost connections in your community. The GMB messaging tool allows users and businesses to engage in a way that best suits modern tech habits.

As Google puts out updates with an even greater emphasis on user experience (UX), it’s crucial to understand each and every one of their growing number of tools, and the reasoning behind the additions as they roll out.

The Google My Business Messaging Tool Allows Customers to Engage with Businesses Instantly

In the digital age, consumers crave instant gratification more and more. They want what they want, and they want it now. And what they want includes instant responses to any and all messages. Existing in a world of instant messaging on nearly every platform, GMB had to step up or risk businesses not satisfying their customer’s changing desires. This was achieved with a little tool called GMB messaging.

Get Started with Messaging from a Google My Business listing

  1. To get started using the GMB messaging tool, GMB page managers/owners must first download the app from the app store on their mobile device.
  2. After signing into the Google account associated with the business listing, click the Customers tab at the bottom of the app.
  3. Then, select the Messages tab at the top of the screen. From here, a prompt to turn on messages will appear.

Of course, make sure the notifications for the GMB app are also turned on so there is an alert when users message the business.

Messaging can be turned off by going to the Settings menu. In the More tab, there are settings for GMB messages, including the option to toggle them on or off.

Important Notes about Google My Business Messaging

Changes made to a GMB listing’s messaging preferences will be pending for 48 to 72 hours, but once they have been turned on by the business owner, there are no further steps to complete.

When GMB messaging has been updated and verified after this waiting period, it will be available on all mobile devices used by the business.

As of Sept. 2020, businesses who utilize GMB messaging can now have their conversations saved to the google account used to manage their listing. As a bonus, you can also export and download conversations had within GMB messaging.

It’s important to note that, while messages can be deleted from the business’s devices, they will still be available on the customer’s device.

Be Rewarded for Using Google My Business Messaging

Not only will Google reward businesses that make the most of the local search enhancement tool, GMB, but users will also as well.

By providing an additional avenue to engage with businesses, GMB messaging bridges the gap between consumer and business. Over time, this availability builds trust with the consumer which only lends itself to more meaningful interactions across the board.

Before you know it, customers may start telling their friends all about how great your business is because of how responsive you are. Word will start to spread . . . but that’s a discussion for another day.

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