Momentum Commerce Launches Suite of Amazon Insights Software

Momentum Commerce, a modern digital retail consultancy, today announced the launch of – a platform containing reporting, insights, and advanced strategic tools that helps brands understand what is happening in their Amazon business, why it happened, and what they should do to grow. The new Web-based software connects multiple years’ worth of Amazon search and product data together with Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central information, layered with sharp visuals and data enrichments to make clear and actionable insights.

The app provides brands with a deep accounting for their own progress on Amazon across advertising, inventory, digital shelf, and other key business functions. Additionally, metrics can be benchmarked against competitors, and research tools illuminate the “state of play” of other categories on Amazon when investigating potential new product launches. is available to clients of Momentum Commerce, with functionality including:

Retail Analytics
Critical revenue, operational, and sales metrics, with normalized data for 1P, 3P, and hybrid Amazon brands.

Advertising Analytics
Important Amazon advertising statistics, including spend and budget tracking, contextualized in a way designed to assist with decision making.

Market Explorer
Wide-ranging research tool that unveils more than 30 different statistics collected across every category and sub-category on Amazon.

Brand Explorer
Deeply targeted research tool comparing any brand on Amazon to the top 25 brands in any selected category or sub-category across a wide range of metrics.

Inventory Overview
Comprehensive accounting of inventory performance across Amazon, designed for both 1P, 3P, and hybrid Amazon businesses.

“Particularly for larger or multinational brands, Amazon data remains tremendously cumbersome to report on across business functions. Deciphering it requires a high degree of eCommerce experience and knowledge,” said Ryan Walker, VP of Product Strategy at Momentum Commerce. “We brought that knowledge to bear as we designed over the past year, drawing data from 29 distinct data sources with 60 different transformation steps and joins. The end result solves the most time-consuming reporting and research headaches for our customers, and provides a truly unified view of retail, advertising, inventory, and competitive intelligence.”

“Our mission of being the most respected company in data-driven eCommerce marketing requires us to readily tackle the hardest challenges of our customers face,” she said. Jay McQuillan, CTO at Momentum Commerce. “Our new application is the by-product of intensive projects we’ve undertaken with global brands like Thrasio and Crocs, emerging brands like XMONDO Hair, and financial professionals across private equity and investment banking. The result represents the next big step in our journey to continually provide unique, valuable solutions to our customers they can’t find anywhere else.”

Access to is exclusive to all Momentum Commerce customers. To learn more about the platform and how your brand can get access, visit

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