Online marketing for your casino – does it pay off?

Until a dozen or so years ago, casinos didn’t need to be advertised. They advertised themselves – with intriguing signs or shining above the door multi-colored neon sign: CASINO. It was impossible to pass by such a place indifferently. Friends would talk about good casinos over a beer and take their girlfriends to them. Now, when a large part of our customers’ lives takes place on the Internet, this kind of promotion may not be enough. Customers who want to find out which casino in the city is the best will simply search for best casino into the search engine instead of asking their friends for an opinion.

So it’s worth considering what your website looks like (in the 21st century it’s the most important business card of your casino), whether it encourages people to use your service and whether it’s easy to find in a search engine. In our article, you will learn what is Internet marketing, what are its types, and whether it is worth introducing it to your company.

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing (or e-marketing) is a variety of traditional marketing, with the difference that the main medium is the Internet. It specializes in promoting the company, creating a positive brand image, and creating a bond between the entrepreneur and its customers. E-marketing works on slightly different principles than traditional marketing – there is a greater role of the recipient of the message. Positive customer comments increase the credibility of our casino, but with online marketing, we can make them more visible and bring more benefits to our image. Likewise, a negative comment doesn’t have to ruin our reputation right away – an experienced marketing professional can respond to it appropriately and ultimately turn an apparent image failure into a success.

More and more companies decide to introduce Internet marketing, with good results. It is an ever-growing specialization that continues to improve. In some universities, Internet marketing is already an independent study course that is chosen by many high school graduates, which shows how great a role this field plays nowadays. Most of us associate e-marketing with ads popping up on various blogs or appearing before YouTube videos. In fact, it is just one of many varieties of online marketing. We won’t present each of them in detail – we’ll just focus on some that can bring real profits to your casino.

Types of Internet Marketing

One of the more popular varieties of internet marketing is SEO. In a nutshell, these are all the activities used to increase the visibility of a given website in search engine results. This is much simpler than it sounds. In an ideal search engine information would be sorted from the most useful to the least useful, so when you type in Google the phrase: Washington DC Casino, the best casino in the entire capital would be displayed at the top. But it’s not like that, because Google algorithms don’t work that way at all. A good marketing specialist is able to use positioning techniques to make your casino appear higher up in the search engine and maybe even on the first position.

Another type of e-marketing is content marketing. It consists in creating content on various topics that don’t directly encourage customers to use your casino. Its purpose is not strictly to advertise your casino (although indirectly it is of course!), but to create a good relationship with your potential customers. Content marketing is closely related to SEO, as good quality texts also affect the visibility of a website in a search engine.

A specific branch of e-marketing is email marketing, which uses email as a communication tool. Sending out emails is sometimes more effective than publishing content on the website, as they go directly to the customer, who may feel treated more individually. Remember, however, that you should only send messages to users who have signed up for your newsletter – otherwise emails about your casino will become spam for potential customers.

Casino in social media

Nowadays, social media serve more than just an entertainment function. Many users use it to find various offers and information about the services they need. If your casino does not yet have a presence on Facebook, it is worth fixing this oversight. It is currently the most popular social networking site in Poland, and the average user spends about 21 minutes a day on it. It would be a shame not to use these 21 minutes to promote your casino.

Creating your image on Facebook is not about spamming several times a day with poor-quality posts with similar content. If your messages are not worded in an attention-grabbing manner and in accordance with marketing principles, even sponsored posts won’t help much. A good marketing professional is able to create a post that not only won’t be tiresome for users but will also increase the liking for your casino.

Facebook isn’t the only useful social network, however. Instagram and, more recently, TikTok are also very popular. Promoting your casino on these sites follows similar rules as promoting on Facebook, but has a slightly different specificity. On Instagram, original and memorable graphics are much more important than written text, while on TikTok – interesting videos.

When distributing your casino on social media, you should, first of all, consider what your target group is and adapt your messages to it. Most of your customers are probably working professionals, so it doesn’t make sense to post at 12 o’clock in the morning when they are busy at work, and even less so at 4 o’clock in the morning when their phones are off . It’s good to be present on several sites, but you should focus most on Facebook, which has the largest audience of all ages – most TikTok users are children and teenagers, who are unlikely to be potential customers of your casino. Basing your marketing mainly on this service is risky, to say the least.

How to start?

Once you have decided to introduce online marketing to promote your casino, you may ask yourself – how do you get started and how much does it cost? E-marketing is not one of the classified branches of black magic and anyone can learn to use it in practice. We can get a lot of practical information from free courses or at least from the literature. The truth is, however, that it requires a lot of effort and self-denial, and not everyone has the time or inclination for this, which is completely understandable. Many business owners prefer to leave this demanding and laborious task in the hands of professionals.

Apparently, the most annoying answer from marketing companies to the question “How much does e-marketing cost for my business?” is “It depends”. However, this answer is the most accurate and corresponds to reality. Pricing for individual clients can even vary greatly, as each company has different characteristics and different needs. So the price list for your casino will be determined individually.

You should also not forget about casino games, which can be an advertisement in itself. Just take a look at the websites of popular online casinos, and numerous games for money will be displayed on the very first page. The most common form of gameplay is slot machines, of which you can find a lot in casinos. There are also table games, quiz games, lotteries, mini-games, and a live casino.

Marketing agencies can offer you several types of online marketing. So which option is best for your casino? It is best not to limit yourself to just one, but to choose several of them. Then online marketing will bring the fastest measurable benefits for your casino.

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