Bizongo’s Artwork Flow Is the Online Proofing Software You Need To Manage Your Digital Assets Easily

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Digital assets are gaining momentum. Now more than ever, proofing software will save you and your team time, effort, and budget. With reliable online proofing software, you can take your work collaboration to the next level. Thanks to features that will help you ensure that you produce quality outputs, you can easily raise your productivity by tens. Check out how it works with Bizongo’s Artwork Flow.

What Is Proofing Project Management?

As the term ‘proofing’ insinuates, it means diving deeper into your project’s whole cycle. From the creation of the concept until the finished, proofing software lets you oversee the product approval of your projects by looking at the first-hand process. The ideal attribute of this is that you won’t lose track of the changes made since you get to review everything before it gets approved.

An online proofing software is of great help for businesses who seek a seamless review cycle. Often referred to as an artwork approval software, it accommodates graphic designers, advertising agencies, marketers, content creators, and the likes. But then again, every business has a creative department, and there’s no other best choice than a proofing software to handle digital assets.

What Is a Proofing Software?

Online proofing software is where the review and approval of digital assets take place. It’s where your team can quickly share and receive feedback on creative outputs or digital assets on one platform. One of the best artwork proofing software in the lineup is Bizongo’s Artwork Flow.


(Photo: Bizongo)

Artwork Flow is an artwork management software equipped to give you the easiest way to manage your packaging labels, artworks, and other digital assets through a creative collaboration tool. Doing so helps you get rid of the endless email loop and cuts the approval time by 86%.

Because of this artwork management solution and many competitive advantages, Artwork Flow is trusted by many leading companies globally, including the ones you use every day. Take a look at what made them choose Artwork Flow.

Key Features

Easy to set up: Create your account in minutes and get started. If you’re not used to online proofing software, your team will be guided with its intuitive and simple interface.

Collaboration is in one place: Thanks to this online proofing software, you can work together with your team in one place. Automate your marketing, legal, and regulatory approval processes and get approvals completed quickly. Plus, you can also set up workflows and checklists that will keep your team accountable for their tasks and help them meet deadlines.

Labeling Regulation Compliance Software: With customizable workflows and checklists, future artwork proofing and label design can be performed while keeping regulatory compliance at bay.

Digital Asset Management: Artwork Flow goes beyond label management software. It lets you manage your packaging, label designs, and other brand collaterals from a single asset library. Ditch messy artwork bins and organizes the entirety of your digital assets.

Artwork Proofing Tool: In just a few clicks, you can use Artwork Flow’s Artwork Proofing Tool to help you visualize your designs. You can proof them online with a variety of fonts, extract colors, measure dimensions, and compare two design files simultaneously. In detail, here’s how you can take advantage of this tool:

  • You can search for font type and size as well as Pantone and CMYK colors used on your packaging labels and marketing collateral.
  • Analyze the dimensions of various elements within your design files.
  • Compare and contrast two design versions. Then, ensure that any text or graphics changes are reflected in either of the two versions.
  • Improve your time-to-market by securing approval within seconds of submitting your artwork review.

Besides that, you can also notify collaborators of new tasks and provide feedback using markups and annotations for better artwork label management. At the same time, Artwork Flow also includes collaboration between internal users and external agencies and print vendors in the proofing of print artworks.

What also makes it an ideal label approval software is that you can simply set up a customized workflow that suits your organization and use it for other artwork approvals as well. Its version control also makes it possible to maintain audit-ability and traceability across all artworks from start to finish.


  • Easy to use with intuitive and flexible workflows and is compatible with a myriad of industries

  • Offers artwork proofing tools to create the best output for your brand

  • It includes digital asset management to secure all your brands collateral in one place

  • It lets you set up workflows with label compliance and reuse them again in the future

  • It provides seamless collaboration within and outside your team

  • Comes with proofing and comparing tools with version control


Online Proofing for Graphic Designers

For industries where regulatory compliance for brand packers is mandatory, it is essential to invest in online proofing software that will handle these unique challenges. Fortunately, the proofing software is committed to making the process easier for your creative department is just around the corner.

Using Artwork Flow, your team can collaborate, proof quicker, and manage assets in one place, leading to faster approvals, fewer revisions, and higher productivity. Most importantly, rest assured that you will always remain compliant with every brand collateral you produce.

Think you’re ready to let your artwork flow? Get your free demo now, and feel free to try it out before you fully commit!

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