GeekHive Introduces New Salesforce Practice Lead, Tracy Greene

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team at GeekHive continues to grow as the leading marketing technology consultancy welcomes its latest addition, Tracy Greene (Tracy/They).

GeekHive’s new Salesforce Practice Lead is no stranger to the industry. As a three-time Certified Salesforce Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience, Tracy is deeply familiar with the customer relationship management (CRM) platform and has successfully managed over 40 implementations.

In previous roles, Tracy has utilized Salesforce to solve complex business problems, leading cross-functional teams to better understand how to leverage the CRM to meet organizational needs while applying Agile methodology and industry best practices. In addition to their experience within the nonprofit sector and using Field and Campaign Finance software, Tracy has also worked with NASA twice.

Much of Tracy’s background is in software engineering and project management, and they have found that Salesforce is the perfect combination of both. Tracy also has a unique understanding of both the point-and-click and custom development capabilities available in Salesforce and enjoys pushing low-code boundaries. In essence, Tracy is the Dr. House or “The Cleaner” of existing Salesforce implementations. If you aren’t getting what you expected out of Salesforce, Tracy should be on your call list.

The only thing Tracy loves more than learning is sharing what they learned. Their life purpose is to help others grow and heal by sharing their experiences. As a Salesforce Trailblazer, community speaker and thought leader, Tracy is well-known for their integrity, innovation and collaborative nature.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Tracy to the team,” shared Peter Ladka, President and CEO at GeekHive. “As the company continues to expand our Salesforce profile, their deep knowledge of the platform and experience within the industry will play an invaluable role in our efforts to grow.”

As a trusted Salesforce advisor and partner, GeekHive’s consultants work to provide clients with world-class solutions that drive engagement and improve operational efficiencies. As the company’s Salesforce Practice Lead, Tracy will further that mission, working alongside other teams to ensure the correct technology solution is being delivered and implemented correctly and efficiently.

About GeekHive

GeekHive, located in Warwick, New York, was founded over 20 years ago as a web development technology company. Today, the company serves as a leading marketing technology consultancy that empowers clients with the strategic insights and technical expertise needed to digitally transform their business and get more value out of their technology investments.

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