Golden Grail Technology Corp. Chief Marketing Consultant Erin Heit to be interviewed by the Enterprise Podcast Network (EPN)

WESTON, Fla., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Grail Technology (OTC: GOGY) A fast-growing company with a strategic mission to innovate, build and streamline the growth of its beverage portfolio through fiscally responsible investing today announced its Chief Marketing Consultant Erin Heit will be a guest on the Enterprise Podcast Network (EPN) to talk about being a disruptor and innovator in the beverage industry. To listen to the full interview, click on link

The Enterprise Podcast Network, a part of the iHeart Radio Network, is heard in 180 countries and reaches more than 120,000 listeners daily. The site receives thousands of daily visitors and an investor audience who want to listen to emerging business leaders talk about their successes, challenges and what they’ve learned from the difficulties inherent in growing a successful business.

“Appearing on the EPN network affords the Golden Grail brand the opportunity of sharing our business experience, innovative approach and investment opportunity with an audience of fellow businesspersons as well as an investor audience that’s interested in learning about the next big thing, said Erin Heit, Chief Marketing Consultant to Golden Grail. From raising awareness for our company to imparting the wisdom we’ve learned and sharing the unique aspects of building a business through true innovation, I am looking forward to the appearance being a positive learning experience for the listening audience at the same time that it may attract interest in our business.”

About Golden Grail

Golden Grail Technology (OTC: GOGY) is a fast-growing company with a strategic mission to innovate, build and streamline the growth of its beverage portfolio through fiscally responsible investing. The company targets brands that have a proven sales history, loyal consumer following, retail presence and a strong value proposition who need assistance to get to the next few levels. Golden Grail has been actively acquiring brands within emerging beverage categories, such as energy, flavored water and sparkling flavored water. Our robust product offerings reach multiple demographic and lifestyle categories, creating a dynamic, comprehensive and diverse beverage portfolio.

After an acquisition, the company utilizes a series of operational technologies to apply its business expertise, fiscal techniques and various manufacturing processes know-how to improve the economics and performance of each brand while advancing marketing and distribution for its beverage holdings. The company’s focus on fiscal management and development of beverage brands, coupled with its rapidly growing and recognizable portfolio of healthy, functional beverages sets Golden Grail apart as a leader in acquiring and advancing existing beverage brands.

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Golden Grail’s Beverage Portfolio

Cause Water is Pristine Mountain Spring Water with a Cause
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Cause Water has three key initiatives be a vessel for change, do your part and encourage consumers to join the cause, by drinking Cause Water. A fully recyclable aluminum bottle and cap supports its core mission of plastic reduction and ocean preservation. Cause Water can be found in high-end, influential natural food stores along the West Coast.
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Tickle Water is a premium sparkling water company dedicated to providing honest and clean hydration. Tickle Water is the first sparkling water in the market created specifically for children, yet enjoyed by all ages, complete with delicious flavors and a recyclable can, making it the perfect beverage for any occasion. Every can of Tickle Water is simply made with premium sparkling water and natural flavors without artificial ingredients, sugar, sodium, or preservatives.

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Trevi Essence Water is a true clean-label beverage with a superior flavor that stays true to the fruit. Trevi has zero sugar, zero calories, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, gluten free, vegan, kosher and diet friendly. Trevi comes in four delicious flavors Mango Orange, Coconut Lime, Peach and Grapefruit.
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Spider Energy Drink is packed with serious energy. This formula is the perfect balance of energy boosting B-vitamins, Taurine, Guarana, Ginseng, Key Levels of Amino Acids and herbal extracts. Made with 100% real sugar, Spider Energy is known as one of the best tasting with a fresh-citrus, smooth and refreshing flavor, without the medicinal aftertaste associated with most energy drinks.

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