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What would it take for you to be able to build your business from the ground up when the world was just starting to come to terms with a global pandemic? It sounds daunting, if not impossible. But it’s not. And HeartCMS has proven that and is here to help.

From its Nottinghamshire base, this digital marketing agency has shown that even in these volatile times, it’s still possible to thrive in the business world- and they want to help you do the same.

Founded by Amendeep Sharma, HeartCMS started out as a way to make getting online more accessible and affordable for businesses, but has since grown into a full-service digital agency with clients all over the UK and beyond- and they aren’t stopping there.

HeartCMS understands that digital marketing is about so much more than just running ads and calling yourself a marketer. They’re committed to helping their clients figure out how to use every part of their digital presence as effectively as possible- including email marketing, social media presence, and website design- because they understand that this is what yields the best results.

Amendeep made sure to set up his firm in the Midlands, and especially Nottinghamshire- where he has strong ties to the community and a desire to help small businesses get off the ground. He was once a small business owner himself, so he knows how difficult it can be to get started. “Our methods are award-winning, but success for us comes only in watching our clients succeed.” he said when asked about his initiative to give away service for free to help struggling businesses get set up online during the pandemic.

As the Managing Director and Founder of HeartCMS, he has spent over a decade building his company into an accredited Google Partner that employs over 15 members of staff. And he used this expertise to help many businesses who had to close their doors due to COVID.

And he’s not stopping there! In fact, HeartCMS is just one piece of his larger conglomerate network known as The iHeart Group, which also includes (printing services) and Handcrafted Shelves (bespoke shelves).

At the beginning of the national lockdowns, Amendeep realised people would be spending more time indoors renovating and looking for ways to make their homes more beautiful. To that end, he launched Handcrafted Shelves, which allows you to create your dream shelves and maximise your at-home space in a personalized way.

But he wasn’t just interested in home decor- he also wanted to help people showcase their images and designs in the most striking way possible. That’s why he decided to start The Online Printer, a business that provides personalized printing services to both old and new customers.

With a successful career in the marketing and advertising industry, it’s not surprising that he was able to make both these businesses, and many others thrive during the last two years. We think it’s incredible that this brilliant businessman can juggle so many different projects- and we have no doubt he’ll be coming up with even more new ventures soon!

So whether you’re looking for a full-on digital overhaul or just have questions about how best to utilise Digital Marketing in your business, Amendeep Sharma is your ticket to digital success.

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