Lazy Eight Yacht Club Debuts the First Mega Yacht Project

Minacqua, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lazy Eight Yacht Club (L8YC) is the first NFT project of its kind, launching an online and real-world community of virtual mega-yacht owners. Yet to announce their official mint date, the L8YC will be releasing the opportunity for new holders to own 90-meter mega yachts in the metaverse, with significant offerings in the real-world, and a philanthropic mission.

A team of three millennial co-founders are behind this new venture and have found a way to bring their passion for NFTs and the water into one fruitful project. CEO and co-founder Arin Alesauskas has been entrepreneurial from a young age and grew up in an island town where he developed a love for the water. “I have started numerous businesses throughout my life, including landscaping and property maintenance where I would service and manage multi-million-dollar estates,” says Arin. “After seeing Logan Paul talk about NFTs about a year ago, I became inspired to use this world as an opportunity to apply my knowledge of luxury services, business, and the water.”

Supported by Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder Gunnar Dunbar, who worked as a cryptologic technician for the US Navy, the team is backed by his technical expertise in AI, stock trading, cryptocurrency ICO prediction, and web development. Finally, with the strategy from Oriana Schneps, the Chief Marketing Officer, and third co-founder. Their vision comes together with Oriana’s experience managing luxury yachts, and estates around the world, her 8 years trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, and her background in the startup space, working for Gary Vaynerchuk’s The Sahsa Group and VaynerMedia.

“As a group, we prioritize collaboration, potential, and individual creativity and have seen firsthand the power it has to bring about innovative ideas and developments.” Their NFT mint will provide holders with full access to both the interior and exterior of the digital yachts they own, with a traversable interior and luxurious amenities like cigar lounges, pools, and casinos.

Their initial launch consists of 8,888 mega yachts, with the opportunity for the first 20 holders to attend an all-inclusive party in Florida in real-world yachts with drinks, celebrity appearances, and other valuable, luxury prizes.

“L8YC is the chance for members to become part of an elite community. We are attracting like-minded individuals to our project, emphasizing opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and boat-lovers. We plan to host events and celebrations around the world. Plus, within the metaverse we are developing an inclusive marina area which will serve as the heart of our community and as a space for holders and other projects to call home within the virtual world.”

As part of their philanthropic mission, L8YC has pledged to donate $800,000 of their revenue to non-profit organizations that specialize in marine life, distributing the donations across The New England Aquarium, Teamseas, Oceana, and 4Ocean.

As the first project of their kind, L8YC is at the cutting edge of the intersection between Yacht culture and the metaverse, promising an opportunity for future holders to gain wealth opportunities, as well as a set of luxurious real-world experiences as part of a new community.

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