PLANTSVILLE, CT, USA, April 26, 2022 / — Develomark LLC, a digital marketing agency based in Plantsville, CT, is proud to announce the launch of its service providing digital assets as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) .

NFTs are unique digital assets that represent objects in the real world, such as videos, music, art, and more. These assets are purchased and sold online, most often with cryptocurrency, and are embedded with unique ID codes. This allows them to either be one-of-a-kind or limited run, unlike other digital assets which can typically be found in infinite supply and allows the owner to boast exclusivity.

Develomark was able to begin this service with the launch of a brand asset for the Brooke Team at eXp Realty, a top real estate team in Connecticut that focuses on demanding excellence from its team ( After assisting the company with a newly redesigned and optimized website, Develomark’s team dove into the task of developing their NFT. Creating Brook Team’s brand file as an NFT ensures that they have total ownership of their logo and their brand.

The level of security NFTs allow is a service that Develomark hopes to provide for other clients interested in gaining total ownership of their branding assets. With a dedicated team of designers and development specialists, Develomark is well-equipped to handle these types of requests from businesses looking to protect their brand online.

“As our client demands grow for the need for cybersecurity, exclusivity, and uniqueness with their digital assets, we feel NFTs are a perfect solution. The internet has become notorious for stolen files without any repercussions,” says Develomark founder Ruan Marinho. “Our immediate use of NFTs are logos, brand files, website files, website text, and other data stored in a single NFT file on the ETH blockchain.”

Marinho explained that with the NFT, Develomark can send the client the ownership of all of the files and the downloadables, and deliverables, directly to their 64-digit ETH address where they are likely to hold other digital assets.

“Additionally, there is a record of the transfer recorded on the ETH blockchain to provide the client with ease of proof of ownership, but also the ability to transfer files in the event of a sell out,” Marinho says. “In the near future, we envision Develomark doing this NFT strategy with search rankings, ad creative, images, videos, and more.”

Are you interested in learning more about NFTs and digital copyright laws? Check out our podcast where we discuss these important topics with Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer Christopher Holshouser:

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